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Comment Where in the park is ... (Score 2) 278

One of the cool benifits that they could offer would be locating members of your group. All the wrist band for a group would be grouped together in the system. All that you have to do is go to a Kiosk and select something like show group memeber locations. At which point a map of the park would show where each member was. From there, there are a lot of additional features that could be added.

Comment Re:Promising but years from rollout (Score 1) 50

My wife has MS and is taking Rebif. The last time that I checked, our insurance was covering almost $5k/month for the cost of Rebif. That would equate out to almost $300k over 5 years which is 3 times that cost of the treatment. After having to deal with insuracnce companies for the 8+ years that my wife has been living with this, I feel confident that they would rather pay the $5k/month than the one payment of $100k.

Comment Re:Way too confusing (Score 1) 1264

Now, your point just extends the question to why Linux hasn't begun to be pre-installed on retail computers?

I think that everyone is looking at the problem wrong. It is not any issue with Linux that it is keeping it off the desktop. It is the average user. Given the choice, the average user will pick windows over linux, not because it is better but because of name recognition. So unless you drastically discount the cost of a PC with linux compared to the exact same computer with windows, the average person will choose the windows computer becasue that is what they know and what everyone else has.

Comment Re:Just a recorder... (Score 2) 628

If they are indeed just local data recorders, I don't really see a problem, ....

That is how it starts.
Step 1) get everyone used to the device for recording basic info. But no worries, the data is all yours (Unless we decide that we "NEED" it)
Step 2) Oh, we are just going to add GPS data. But no worries, the data is all yours (Unless we decide that we "NEED" it)
Step 3) We are going to add networking so that when you get into an accident the police/fire/medics can be automatically notified with the exact location. But no worries, we promise not to store or use the data for any other purpose.
Step 4) Start automatically sending tickets based off of data collected from black box.

Nope, I can't think of any negative outcome of this bill.

It is amazing what people can get used to. for example, just 10 years ago we would have been bitching about gas prices above $1.50. Today you are happy if you see gas prices around $3.20. In just 10 years they have more than doubled the acceptable price. Or look at how quickly people stop complaining about new TSA policies.It only took a few months for people to stop complaining about the full body scanners and accept them as part of modern travel.

Comment Re:It's a perfectly valid (Score 4, Insightful) 268

As long as CBS paid him for the work, then he should not be able to retain the right to the work. If he wanted to maintain the full rights to the work, he should have not taken the money from CBS or he should have put it in his contract that he retains the rights to all the works that he wrote.

Comment Re:Mandates are the issue (Score 1) 969

28 - you turn 28 years old when you get married (and have completed all requirements for ages above)

29- you don't turn 29 until you have a mortgage. (and have completed all requirements for ages above)

Does this mean that if you get devorced or stop having a mortage, you get to go back to 27 or 28 yrs old?

Comment Re:I just don't believe advertisements at all. (Score 1) 247


We have a tradition for junk mail, too. Anything that has a postage-paid return envelope, we stuff full of whatever extraneous non-identifying paperwork (usually other junk mail circulars and flyers) we have laying around...the more the better...and mail it on back to them at their greatly increased (due to excessive weight) expense. I really wish just once I could be there when the person on the receiving end opens our credit card application and finds a bunch of those shopper stopper coupons, fast-food napkins; hell, my mother even sent one back with ketchup and relish packets inside.

You want to get taken off a mailing list quickly, start sending them back a bunch of random crap at their expense. We rarely get junk mail from the same place more than a few times anymore...

For postage paid return envelopes, I have a a nice shredder that has a real nice cross cut. I take everything that we sent including the original envelope and shred it. I then put the shred into the prepaid envelope and send it on its merry way.

Comment Re:I just don't believe advertisements at all. (Score 2) 247

I had some phone sales rep yell at me for politely letting him go through his spiel before shooting him down. He basically asked me why I would listen to his whole spiel, and then he dramatically hung up on me.

As I was putting down the phone receiver, I was thinking to myself, "because you never gave me a chance to talk..."

I did the same thing to a phone sales rep. I had him on the phone for almost an hour asking questions and never once agreeing to anything. The whole time that i was one the phone i was also playing games on the computer. He got pissed off when in the end I told him that I was not interested and he demanded to know why I kept him on the phone for an hour if I knew that I was not going to buy anything. I tried to explain to the dipshit that he was the one that called me not the other way around. He proceeded to yell and scream at me over the phone while I laughed at him before he finally hung up or someone disconnected him.

The other fun thing to do is to answer the phone and then when they start talking just start doing something like giggling, laughing, screaming or breathing heavy and see how long they will stay on the line.

Comment Re:Just Leave (Score 1) 290

I would have given them a more reasonable, but still lucrative rate (Like $150/hr) and done it. I would have felt just as satisfied putting their money in my bank account as I would have in picturing them laboring for hours to recreate the system. I would have also worried about them doing something foolish, but damaging nonetheless, like suing me. After all, they could have claimed you put a dead man's switch in the code or something.

I was not in a charitable mood. There were no warnings to the lay-offs. They actually called me on my day off and told me over the phone that I was laid off and that I needed to report to HR in the morning. My account was disabled before they called me. During the outprocessing the lady from HR actually had the nerve to ask me how I had liked working for the company and she was actaully shocked when I would not say anything nice. As for being sued, it never even crossed my mind. I know that I did not do anything to the system to cause the problem. Actually, thinking back on it, I wish that they would have tried to sue me. They would have definitely lost and I could have then counter sued for defamation of character.

Comment Re:Just Leave (Score 1) 290

You are not as important as you think you are. Just leave. They will figure it out. Worked for me.

Back in 2001, I worked for a company where I build a system that outputted a report that went to all the management up to the VP of the company. I was the only one that had access to the server and I had all the passwords. A couple weeks after they laid me off, the VP stopped getting his report and no I did not cause it to break :). When he asked my old manager about not getting his report, my manager had to explain to him that they only person who knew anything about the system and had all the password was laid off. They actually had the nerve to call me and ask if I would give them the passwords and help them fix it. I laughed and told them I would for $1000/hr. They never got the system working again.

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