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Comment Re:Use Adblock with my subscription... (Score -1, Offtopic) 363

/. Repliers: If you are not credible, don't post. If you don't have something helpful that the community can't benefit from, don't post. If you can't even write validate HTML and have the balls to criticize a site that you'd never be able to replicate, don't post.

caluml: Horizontal scrollbar in a GECKO browser, only over-zealous privacy advocates and perverts disable JavaScript. Your site is weak-sauce as is anything you even think would stand up as a viable criticism of my work.

emseabrown: You are just an anonymous coward behind a random name on the internet jumping on the bandwagon.

hairykrishna: More horizontal scrollbars in a Gecko browser, your site isn't even a domain name. You've invested no money behind your name.

To anyone who even thinks about posting something negative in reply to this: get off the bandwagon. These people have no credibility and if we were in a room of thousands of people my credibility and balls to post something nice for the community will outweigh your need to spew negativity. /. articles are interesting but the commenters negativity will have me no longer desiring to share anything useful to this community. If you're a /. moderator feel free to dock people for useless and negative comments.


Submission + - Abacre doesn't feel like supporting customers...

JAB Creations writes: "I'm a Professional Web Designer (yeah, we're hard to find though we do exist) and have been using Abacre's Advanced Find & Replace for the past two or three years. This past spring after numerous failed attempts at getting ANY nForce 4 (939) board to run Raid 1 my media drive (300GB Maxtor) died on me along with my application installers and keys. I finally added a separate raid card and though I recovered well I was unable to recover my original key. I was forced to reorder the program I already owned and though it was a discounted why should I pay for the same item twice? Not long after I moved my XP install to a new and separate raid one and reinstalled all my software though my second key no longer worked!

This really hurts my productivity as it is one of my all-time favorite applications and this issue is even worse then Asus replacing a defective new motherboard back in January for two RMAs with two used ones one of which came covered in sperm. Has anyone had any success in stopping companies from literally jerking them around? Assuming Abacre will not help me resolve the situation does anyone have any suggestions for a stand alone XP/GUI find and replace application? Help! Help! I'm being repressed!"

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