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Comment Re:I know this won't be a popular sentiment, but.. (Score 2) 198

We don't trade with them as much as bribe their leaders to allow western companies to shuttle natural resources out of the country for ridiculously low prices. When leaders try to nationalize oil/banana/ore production, they are suddenly branded dictators/communists (see Venezuela, Guatemala, Congo, etc).

Comment Re:Implications (Score 1) 221

It was leaked because Obama wants to show he wasn't weak on Iran so he can get reelected. Leaks like this usually happen because the people in charge want it to be known (with the exception of the Bradley Manning leak, ofcourse).

Comment Re:ANY native-supplied codec should be usable (Score 3, Interesting) 320

Because they tried this before, with the <object> tag, which could support any possible codec (quicktime, realvideo, wmv, ...). This ended up being such a huge mess that web developers decided to just go with flash instead, because for all its failings, at least it worked on most computers (and you didn't need to deal with the ugly default controls media players insisted on at the time).

Comment Re:Anonymity vs. Accountability (Score 4, Insightful) 218

there are a million and one legitimate reasons why voting in person may be difficult to impossible for a lot of people ...

You could take away many of those reasons by holding elections on a sunday, like pretty much every other country. I still don't understand how people need to take time off from work to go voting in the US. No wonder only old people vote, they've got time to do this.

Comment Re:Why did they think this would work? (Score 2) 290

Some places don't have reliable power, and it would be pretty beneficial for Nokia if they could sell a phone that had this advantage over other phones aimed at the 3rd world market. As it is now some people now charge their phones by going to special charging shops where you hand over the phone and they hook it up to a charger fed by a generator.

Comment Re:Too bad it's still slow (Score 1) 57

The fennec process lingering happens only sometimes, I think it has to do with whether I'm running other apps, and because i closed it because it appeared to be hanging. I'll try to find a way to reliably reproduce it and file a bug when I do.

Luckily the phone gets pretty hot when fennec doesn't close properly, so I know something's up when it happens :p .

Comment Re:Zoom is STILL broken (Score 1) 57

Use the hardware volume keys to zoom in and out in increments.

Which pisses me off as I want to use those keys to change the volume (but this isn't just Firefox doing this, MicroB and the photo viewer use them as zoom buttons too).

I wish Mozilla implemented the swirl thing for the n900, though, but maybe Nokia patented it or something.

Comment Too bad it's still slow (Score 4, Interesting) 57

I've installed it on my n900, but it's unusably slow, especially compared to MicroB, which is the default browser on Maemo (which also uses the gecko engine). It takes ages to start up, uses up all the CPU, and it takes 5 minutes before you finally managed to load a page. Also, after you close the browser, there's a 'fennec' process still using all the CPU cycles and draining your battery.

Too bad, because I do like its feature set: Firefox sync, addons, etc, but I'll stick to MicroB until they find a solution to the CPU use issue.

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