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Comment Re:RegEx, it's a hell of a drug. (Score 1) 488

... it may turn out they don't even have the votes in the Senate to do much else but filibuster Clinton nominees

And if Chuck Schumer has his act together, he can have the Senate rules changed on day 1 of the new session to eliminate filibuster for any confirmations.

Comment Re:Unless we know the number of non-dupes. (Score 3, Interesting) 488

Comey probably knew about the (apparent) cell in the NY FBI office who have a hard-on about HRC, and knew they were going to leak something, so he decided to get out in front of it with his letter to Congress. I do give him some credit for his subsequent letter yesterday, but it would have been better IMO if he had shut up and let the leaks happen, then come down like a ton of bricks on the leakers.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 331

Gore didn't accept the result in 2000 (well, at first he did - then when the FL Secretary of State on election night announced an automatic recount, he rescinded his concession) because, until the FL and US Supreme Courts ruled, the election wasn't over yet. As soon as the courts ruled, he made a very gracious concession.

Comment Re:Stick a fork in.... (Score 2) 612

Watergate - Hillary was fired from the staff of the House Judiciary committee investigating the Nixon Watergate scandal in 1974 by her supervisor, Democrat Jerry Zeifman, because she was a liar []. Hillary "conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

Except that Zeifman was not her supervisor, and she wasn't fired

Comment OK - I'll play (Score 1) 326

Home: Ancient Dell Precision 370, 2.8GHz P4, 4GB memory, 40GB boot/system disk, 1TB data disk, 2TB external backup drive - used as a file server, Kubuntu 4.04.4 LTS on it right now. The most important software on it is my Logitech Media Server for streaming my music library to work ;-). 2015 MB Air 13-in for most normal use (web, EVE, etc.). A somewhat crappy Lenovo G550 with Windows 10 for the (very few) times I need Windows. iPad2. Jide Remix mini for video streaming.

Work: Dell Precision 490, 2X Xeon 5160, 16GB, 2X Dell 20-in monitors, CentOS 7, KDE.

Plus all the damn servers and other desktops I need to support. At least we finally got rid of the last VAXstations this past year...

For software, mostly Firefox for browser although every now and then it pisses me off and I switch to Chrome (and then, after a while, Chrome pisses me off and I go back to Firefox). Emacs/XEmacs is editor-of-choice for anything big, vi or nano for quick edits. Most used software is probably Konsole. VirtualBox and/or QEMU/KVM for VMs. Whatever random software I need to support/answer questions about on any given day. X11vnc/vncviewer gets a pretty good workout.

Comment Re:Trump will succeed because... (Score 1) 413

One other thing that I can't see him doing is, if he becomes President then he will have to hand over controls to all his businesses to someone else (most likely in his family.) and not have anything to do with them during his term. I can't see him giving up that control.

Actually, there is no law requiring him to do that - just as there is no law requiring Presidential candidates (or sitting Presidents) to release their tax returns. So, we are never going to see Trump's tax returns, and, if elected, he could continue being actively involved in all of his businesses. How do you like them apples?

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