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Comment Re:Proxy? (Score 1) 123

Could just be so easy as Lodsys going after the small developers to force Apple to pay up. Going straight for Apple will probably drag out for ages in court, while going after the developers will have an immediate chilling effect and forces Apple to at least consider buying out the patent without much of a bargaining position.

Comment Re:The obvious solution (Score 1) 141

I'm not sure how I became an astroturfer for someone not even mentioned in the thread before you just did.

I agree it's harder to violate the GPL than most commercial licenses, my point was that it's a bad idea to use _any_ license - FOSS or commercial - without knowing what you agree to by using it.

The limitations are usually there, just in different forms for different licenses.

Comment Re:AOL Is Bad At This (Score 2, Insightful) 122

Not only that. AOL seems very US centric, the acquisitions they make (most striking example being ICQ) just seem to "stop existing" internationally.
ICQ was quite popular among the people I know (in Sweden), but since AOL bought them I've only ever heard of them in the context of being considered for sale or now being sold. The service works internationally for sure, but the little marketing I've seen for Live Messenger totally crushes anything I've heard about ICQ for years. In the context of the Internet, no news isn't good news. No news is abandonware.
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Sony Demos Natal-Like Control System 63

An anonymous reader writes "It's not just Microsoft investigating full body, markerless motion capture. Sony has enlisted the help of Swiss firm Atracsys to develop similar technology. Sony has openly discussed the technology with New Scientist, and has realistic expectations for the new system — it can capture broad body gestures but not individual fingers. That's just one trade-off needed in order to develop a real-time system that anyone can use, according to a markerless motion-capture expert." It's still in the early stages of development, but the accompanying video shows the use of face-recognition software as well. The demo game has players moving their heads left or right to position their character, and then smiling to "catch" an object.

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