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Comment Re: Who gives a shit (Score 1) 204

That depends entirely if it is a selectable option or not. If you can ignore someone and not see their posts thats fine as long as I can see them.

If it is a blanket setting that looks at what is being said and deletes the post as it is being posted so NO ONE can see it. That my little friend is censorship and is deplorable.

Comment Re: Who gives a shit (Score 1) 204

No. What this is about is not ignoring them. It is essentialy putting tape over their mouths because you dont like what they say. Totaly different than ignoring them.

Yes words can hurt, it is the sign of a healthy adult that they can let it go and know they are just words.
It is NOT the sign of a healthy adult mind to want to duct tape someones mouth because you dont like what they say and only remove it when they want to say something you like.

Comment Re:sorry, won't byte (Score 1) 990

id like to see where you get the information that electrics are popular up here in canada. they may be in the city, anywhere else, not a damn chance would anyone be caught with one. and even on my excursions into the big smoke that is toronto i rarely see electric vehicles. Our winters kill electric vehicles. the cold reduces the range of these cars by close to half (cold effecting the battery, and the electric heater so you dont freeze)

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 0) 990

because in the time it takes for you to plug in and unplug the car a gas will still go farther ? how far do you get if you stop charging after 15 minutes ? forgot something for dinner, but the commute almost burns the charge. well those 15 mins of charge time is gonna be useless.

Comment Re:Awesome (Score 1) 990

Depends on where you are. in ontario here, the cost of a basic nissan leaf starts at $32k. then there is delivery and taxes on top of that. (taxes would ad 13% onto that price). Then there is the insurance. A chev cruz was going to cost me over $2k a year in insurance. whereas a 2010 dodge charger hemi cost me less than 1000 a year, and gets as good mileage as my minivan. that thousand plus a year pays for a lot of gas. and it is a hell of a lot more fun to drive than a cruz.

Comment Yeah not around here. (Score 1) 990

When they can get the batteries to last properly in Ontario Winter temperatures, and go further than 100km on a charge il consider one. until then i dont plan on having to make a overnight stay in the closest city before heading home the next day just so i can go shop at costco.

Comment Re: So in other words... (Score 1) 312

Wanna show how many people have been injured or killed by an E cig in the last 10 years ?

Im willing to bet the only ones you will find are people hurt by the cheap shit gas station variety.

Any brand name ecig company have saftey blocks in their e cigs to keep batteries from over heating and exploding. Reputable studies that actualy say how they tested the e juice come back with no harmful toxins.

So, so far to me, if the consumer is smart and looks and buys a brand name e cig and e juice from a reputable company they are pretty safe. On the other side of it, if they try and cheap out then they get what they pay for, just like any other product on the market.

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