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Comment Re:Have some shame (Score 1) 589

Imagine yourself stuck in a case where you are facing 30+ years

In the end I served 30 months in federal prison. It was easy time, and I was in a medium security facility. I cannot say it was pleasant, but it was not even close to being a scenario in which I could have been the victim of homosexual rape

Maybe you are not pretty enough?

Comment Re:The Chinese... (Score 1) 544

You, and those who modded you up, are completely retarded. Your military strength means nothing, any war of magnitude between China and the US will utterly fuck up the entire world including the US. Unless your willing for that to happen your military is useless as a threat until such a point such major consequences is better than what you currently have. The US wont even attack a backwater like North Korea who is hated because your scared of China and the potential nukes in North Korea.

Comment Re:Finally, the year of Linux (Score 1) 106

While MS can be blamed for many things don't forget the manufactures also, is it win7 fault your machine locks or shitty drivers provided for your sound card etc? I run win7ultimate64 with Intel SSD and the only problems I have had was after upgrading my gfx card games would stutter and every so often huge drop in frame rates, installing newer beta version nvidia drivers cleared it up.

Comment Re:GPS usage (Score 1) 325

IMHO Being a vastly older country UK towns tend to be "mishapen" or even circular unlike the simple grid/block system that is so common un the US, and yes it can be very hard to spot road signs. To e blunt our towns/cities just were not planned well from the start and now grown too large to fix them. As a Brit who has been driving in the US multiple times, visiting an unknown area is far easier in the US than the UK..

Comment People leaving Aircon on even when not at home (Score 2, Insightful) 393

Jesus I cant believe how many people seem to leave aircon on during the day while at work etc, what exactly is the reason for this?? I am a UK expat living in Thailand...Thailand gets extremely hot and pushes 100% humidity regularly so aircon is wonderful however I only ever cool rooms im actually using and only when people are in the house, as does everyone else I know... If you cant stand being hot for even 30 mins while the rooms cool down can you not at least put things on timers to cool it before you get home from work??

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