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Comment Re:Capabilities (Score 1) 662

Just listened to bbc.co.uk video on windows7 with some MS rep saying this is just a maintenance release where they simply listen to gripes about Vista user experience and fix them. Well, I also listen to twit.tv Windows Weekly podcast with the famous Paul (Windows Supersite and Vista Secrets) Thurott). He is the biggest Microsoft fanboy you'll meet, and even he uses Firefox not IE7/8 , Terracopy and xyplorer instead of Windows Explorer and recommends Norton AC instead of the vista User Account Control. Well if you take away file handling and user control and (with the move to "cloud computing") the browser, you wonder how much of the actual OS remains to be excited about. The rest is just bundled applications. If MS do listen to and react to user gripes, I reckon Windows7 is gonna be a major rewrite. That said however, Paul is at least honest and candid. I wouldn't trust myself (as a linux fanboy) to be objective and ever admit to Linux deficiencies. I like the guy, I just think he is misguided as Windows evolves.

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