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Comment The people running the site ARE NOT IT Admins (Score 5, Informative) 780

So they had no real backup strategy....but what happened to them REALLY REALLY sucks. It really irks me seeing so many comments saying these "retards" had it coming to them.

Listen folks....we're talking about a couple of guys who spent their free time creating a website. They're not making any real money out of this (in fact, they all have regular day jobs).

They've been advertising for a Tech Manager (non-paid) for quite a quite so time now. They did get one recently...but it turns out the guy harvested the emails from the systems and sent out a bunch of spam. He has since been fired.Even though the avsim folks aren't saying it was him who hacked and destroyed their site, it's quite hard not to think it was him.

It's been quite a blow to the flightsim community and I have noticed a lot of IT folks are offering help.....I just haven't seen a single one on this thread.

Submission + - Chess Grandmaster Kasparov Arrested in Moscow

carre4 writes: Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov was arrested in Moscow during an anti-Kremlin demonstration along with at least 100 other activists. Kasparov now leads the strongest opposition movement in Russia as previously discussed on Slashdot. This march was part of the Dissenters' Marches that have been held in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod in spite of refused permits.

Submission + - Michigan kids lose out on free iPods

IvanTheNotSoBad writes: It appears that after all the negative press, Michigan lawmakers are no longer planning on giving free iPods to all Michigan kids. "Instead of sacking up and taking responsibility, though, they're claiming that the press is at fault for picking up on the story and pointing out how bad of an idea it was. And now, the entire $38 million that would have gone to classroom technology may be in jeopardy, all because of those nasty reporters and their words." They're also paying Apple back for their trips to meet with them in California. Don't want to give the wrong idea.

Submission + - Get QuickTime Alternative to play All QuickTime fo

jsbi writes: "QuickTime Alternative[Freeware] allows you to play QuickTime files without having to install the official QuickTime Player. All QuickTime formats (.mov .qt .3gp etc.) are supported, including streaming content and QuickTime content that is embedded in webpages. Some advantages compared to QuickTime player are the quick and easy install, make an unattended installation, no background processes, use a player of your own choice, low on resources, and smaller size. Some advantages compared to QuickTime player: * Quick and easy install. * It's easy to make an unattended installation. * No background processes. * Use a player of your own choice. * Low on resources. * Smaller size."

Submission + - What is Bio Degredable plastic all about?

jsbi writes: "Due to their molecular stability, plastics do not easily break down into simpler components. Plastics are therefore not considered biodegradable .However, researchers are working to develop biodegradable plastics that will disintegrate due to bacterial action or exposure to sunlight. For example, scientists are incorporating starch molecules into some plastic resins during the manufacturing process. When these plastics are discarded, bacteria eat the starch molecules. This causes the polymer molecules to break apart, allowing the plastic to decompose. Researchers are also investigating ways to make plastics more biodegradable from exposure to sunlight. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun causes many plastics molecules to become brittle and slowly break apart. Researchers are working to create plastics that will degrade faster in sunlight, but not so fast that the plastic begins to degrade while still in use."

Submission + - Multi threaded programming without the pain

holden karau writes: "Gigahertz are out and cores are in. Now more than ever, programmers must begin to develop applications that takes advantage of increasing number of cores present in computers today. However, up until now, multi-threaded development has not been easy. Researcher Stefanus Du Toit discusses and demonstrates a software system (RapidMind) he co-authored that takes the pain away from multi-threaded programming in C++. For his demo, he created a program on the PlayStation 3, consisting of thousands of chickens, each independently processed by a single processing core. The talk itself is interesting, but the demo is golden."

AMD A Ripe Target For Buyout? 108

SpiceMonkey writes "AMD stock was up 6.74% on Monday on rumors that AMD is a prime buyout target. After their purchase of ATI, they've been pressed to maintain their aggressive policy of chip production increases. As a result, the AMD message board on Yahoo! is full of speculation on who has their eyes on the company. Many folks there think that IBM is the right buyer for the company. There's no firm word that AMD is even being considered for purchase, but it's certainly and interesting prospect."
United States

Submission + - US 200-year (child)porn sentence stands

An anonymous reader writes:

"The US Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal by a high school teacher from Arizona sentenced to 200 years in jail for possessing child pornography. [..] The state of Arizona argued each image of child abuse was a separate crime so the sentences had to run consecutively."

Newton's Ghost Haunts Apple's iPhone 381

PetManimal writes "David Haskin has looked back at why the Newton failed in the early PDA market, and warns that Apple may be setting itself up for a similar failure with the iPhone. The iPhone shares with the Newton a hefty starting price, and Joe Public may not be so keen on the cost, as recent survey data suggests. Moreover, the iPhone will have to deal with two additional factors that were not issues for the Newton: Competition, and wireless service providers: 'Besides overcharging for iPhone, Apple faces significant competition, something it didn't face in 1993 when it launched Newton. And you can bet that competition from the likes of Samsung and LG will both be good (although probably not as good as iPhone) and most assuredly cheaper... I'm more convinced than ever that, after an initial frenzy of publicity and sales to early adopters, iPhone sales will be unspectacular. If Apple doesn't respond quickly by lowering the price and making nice to AT&T..., iPhone may well become Apple's next Newton.'"

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