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Comment Hackers my ass! (Score 0) 123

First they started associating computer hackers with crime. Now they call 'hacker' somebody that steals from a gas pump? Soon we will be reading that a bunch of humans have been hacked by actively attacking their skin, with lead bullets.

Also, Slashdot, you were cool.

Comment Debian on shiny Retina Macbook Pro (Score 5, Interesting) 592

My company buys apple hardware for everybody and I have been working on GNU/Linux for 15 years. I use the operating system where I'm most productive, which is GNU/Linux. Also, nowadays OSX seems to be more prone to problems that were reserved for windows users in the past, like unexplicable slugginesh, tons of crap loading at startup, etc. No thanks.

Comment Re:PHOSPHOR, not "phosphorus"... (Score 1) 376

You are right! According to Wikipedia "Phosphorus, the chemical element named for its light-emitting behavior, emits light due to chemiluminescence, not phosphorescence; hence it is not a phosphor.", go figure!

To make it even more confusing, as a native Spanish speaker, I use the same word "fósforo" for both the chemical element and the luminescent substances.

Comment There is no laser light comming out (Score 3, Insightful) 376

Blue lasers positioned at the rear of the assembly fire onto a set of mirrors closer to the front. Those mirrors focus the laser energy into a lens filled with yellow phosphorus. The yellow phosphorus, when excited by the blue laser, emits an intense white light.

There is no coherent laser light coming out from the headlight.

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