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Comment not for backups (Score 1) 274

I don't use optical disks for backup. They're too slow and there's too much data. I use hot swappable hard drives for backup now, and I suspect I'll be using solid state drives for this purpose in the near future. There just isn't anything fast enough or dense enough to be practical. The most recent backup drives are on-site, and the previous backups are offsite.

...and I don't back up to "the cloud", for several reasons I won't go into now.

...but I still use CDs, even today. I have a photography business, and I find that some customers are uncomfortable buying photos off a website (similar to buying things off Amazon, which some people also prefer not to do) and don't want to use Dropbox or other cloud services for delivery. I have a surprising number of customers who want to call me with a list of photos they want, burned to a CD or DVD (depending on quantity) and shipped to their location, despite the extra charge for this service.

I'm trying to wean them off CDs and onto thumb drives (which you can buy in quantity amazingly cheap these days) and maybe, who knows, they'll start buying online in the future.

The point being, it's about comfort zone, and it's bad karma to argue with a customer who's trying to give you money.

Comment Re:Less header (Score 1) 226

Ok, hang on, take a breath. For years, probably decades, it's been possible to turn browser headings on and off in most non-M$ browsers. It's as simple as a check box for most heading add-ons (which I never use, but it's still a good example).

So a reasonable solution would be to make it optional to turn all that junk on or off. I'm *not*, repeat *not* suggesting that Mozilla pull a Windows Eight and force-remove valuable and heavily used gui features. But what I have in the back of my mind is to make optional a different way to access those features. There are all these buttons on the mouse -- for power users on smaller (I'm thinking tablet and netbook, not phone) devices. Maybe we should make use of them?

For example, a few months ago I resurrected an older laptop with a solid state drive, max memory, and a new battery, running Linux Mint. It runs like blazes, it's light and easy to carry around, and it has significantly longer battery life than it did as a conventional Winders laptop. The screen doesn't have much real-estate, but that's *usually* ok. The noted exception being, the browser. So yeah, not talking about phones.

Comment Less header (Score 5, Insightful) 226

As far as "look", I want to see the non-content part take up less vertical space. It's fine on a 1920X1200 screen, but on smaller screens I have to rock the page up and down to use it effectively. Find a way to offer browser features without taking up space at the top of the frame.

As far as function, I'd like the browser to not consume the entire four cores, please. When I'm doing something else (example, Lightroom) and the response is extremely sluggish, Task Manager will show Firefox consuming most of my memory and nearly pegging all CPUs, reminding me yet again that I forgot to dismiss Firefox before doing, well, pretty much anything else. It's just a browser, for chrissake. Just sitting there it shouldn't take up that much in resources.

Comment Re:Wait a minute... (Score 1) 345

Careful, you're showing your age. :-)

I watched the first run of LiS in glorious black in white. I was, um, pretty young, but remembered loving the first season, and disliking the show more and more as it descended into camp. (Although I didn't know what "camp" meant at the time. I just found the later episodes awkward and frivolous). When the SciFi channel first started, they ran reruns of LiS, Voyage, and Time Tunnel back to back for awhile, and I was able to confirm my earlier impressions.

I used the movie trailer because I thought more of the people here would remember it. We all loved the movie, despite the fact it falls apart about 2/3 of the way through. Incidentally, right at the time when Allen's material ran out, and Akiva Goldsman was on his own.

But the point is, in all incarnations of LiS (including comic book) their destination was the Centauri system.

On a completely unrelated note, how is it that we're just *now* discovering that the nearest star to us save the sun has a possibly habitable planet? Shouldn't we have been checking there, like, first?

Comment Re:What keeps them from drinking it away? (Score 1) 618

I appreciate the part about travel to a city where relatives or friends may help. A bus ticket during a dark period in my life admittedly turned things around for me, and I probably wouldn't be where I am now without it.

That said, you ask who are we to force our own solution on people? Well, not to put too fine a point on it, we are the people with the money to give. We would be irresponsible if we just threw it in the air and hoped for the best.

I can't give details (don't ask) but I'm currently in a position where I give a certain relative money each month for groceries, as she seems (so far) incapable of earning an income, and because of circumstances I won't go into, she doesn't qualify for food stamps.

There was unquestionable evidence that she was using the money for other things, including entertaining friends. Now fine, everyone needs friends, and I don't begrudge her spending money she has *earned* on anything she wants to. But the money I *gave her* was earmarked for a specific purpose to which she agreed, and she broke that trust.

So I stopped doing it for awhile, but when she went into hospital for malnutrition, (true story) I had to rethink that. I talked with her and her advocate, and agreed to resume funds, but only as a weekly gift card for a grocery store, not cash. She provides receipts to her advocate, who acted as oversight.

So yeah, sorry but, if it's my money, I get to say what she uses the money for. If that's forcing my own solution on her, then I can live with that.

On the other hand, if it's *your* money, you can do anything you personally want to do with it, including giving it to bums as cash.

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