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Comment Re:Don't drink coffee (Score 1) 234

I drink coffee. I feel fantastic. I've ran three marathons in the past year and about 3,000 miles total. I sleep like a baby. I practice zazen and am the most laid-back person I know. I haven't had a headache in over a year and a half.

Generally if you (singular) drink coffee, you (singular) will feel awful. The same cannot be applied broadly to everyone. Neither can my experience. This is why broad studies are always needed.

Comment Re:Endurance Athletes, etc (Score 1) 173

I'm an adrenaline junkie, fortunately or unfortunately! That's the reason I dig rock climbing and roller coasters, too.

That said, I am trying to learn to be more Zen about running, especially as I'm transitioning to marathon-and-ultra distances. I even run with my mala for my long runs these days to keep myself mentally calm and collected. This came as a result of reading both Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind and Barefoot Running.

I still love the rush of pushing through shorter runs in the ways I described above, though!

Comment Re:Endurance Athletes, etc (Score 1) 173

1. Adrenaline rush of a start of a race. 2. Glancing at the GPS, realizing I'm close to some speed goal kicks up my "fight or flight" to push after it. 3. I have been chase by dogs more often than I would like! 4. Competing with/trying to pass a friend/other runner/person walking a dog that's barking at me. Etc. There's plenty of things running that get the adrenaline up, too. It is a distinctly different feeling that the floating, rewarding, I-could-go-on-forever endorphin high. Perhaps I should have termed it the rush. Heck, even challenging terrain that I worry about losing footing on trails does it to me.

Comment Re:Endurance Athletes, etc (Score 1) 173

I quit smoking all together after having done it (though admittedly lightly--like 1-2 packs a week) for a few years. I did it in baby steps, even using one of those atomizer things for a while, but the final push was actually wanting to up my physical activity more than anything else. The boosted lung capacity is well worth the occasional craving I get now and again.

Comment Endurance Athletes, etc (Score 5, Interesting) 173

If this were true in all cases, people like me would be in trouble. I run 50+ miles per week and the runner's adrenaline high is a part of my daily life. However, it has to be balanced with the benefit of aerobic exercise: http://www.natap.org/2011/HIV/081911_03.htm That said, I'd imagine most heads of states don't put in those kind of miles, and the CNN article (mostly about Obama) is far from scientific. "Looking older" has shit to do with overall health in many cases. However, the study seems to imply chronically elevated adrenaline levels--and athletes have anything but. Catch us before or after a workout, and many of us* are some of the most mellow people you could meet (because the stress relief offered by heavy exercise is a hell of a boon). Personally, I think that's the key that many people who "read" this article will miss: stress keeps adrenaline *chronically* elevated.

Submission + - Is the fantasy genre chronically misunderstood? (keepingthedoor.com)

daria42 writes: The fantasy genre is chronically marginalised by its immature image by book critics and readers alike, fantasy author Janny Wurts has argued in a recent podcast interview. In the interview, Wurts slammed the idea that fantasy books, with their central swords, magic and dragon archetypes, are fiction for children or immature adults.

Submission + - EA to offer week-long orbital space flights (spacefellowship.com)

xp65 writes: "Excalibur Almaz Limited (EA), announced plans to open up a new era of private orbital space flight for commercial customers. This project joins Russian space technology expertise with an international private enterprise to create a commercial offering of orbital spaceflight services for global customers. EA plans to offer week-long orbital space flights beginning as early as 2013 — taking a big leap beyond the sub-orbital flight market targeted by most other private space companies. In addition to NPOM, other leading aerospace firms in the U.S., Europe and Japan will provide technical support for EA's space flight operations.

The original Almaz space system technology, comprising reusable reentry vehicle (RRV) and space station, was successfully tested in flight by NPOM. Working with NPOM and its international contractors, EA is now updating the spacecraft to conduct crew and cargo space missions for private individuals, corporations, academic institutions and national governments."


Submission + - Is the ICANN overriding content?

Danilo J Bonsignore writes: "This is a very concrete case. www.drinktruecolors.com is advertised in what must be a very well distributed canned beverage. Visiting the site leads to one of those search engine-advertisement-your own domain pages with no information about the drink. It happens to contain both caffeine, which is an excitant, and vitamin B compoundsm which happen to be tranquilizer. The result is... and ennervant beverage or energy drink! Which is what some countries base their whole criminal strategies AGAINST. How come this page pops out rather than a very corporate, professional, selling point page? Is the original page supressed or it cannot be seen in this country of them all? So before the time of obnoxious pop up blockes, when killing popped up windows were a must see, how many times the pornographic message was indeed a life-or-death real life desperate message and not a collection of badly defined sexual businesses? How many times you find the prono pictures AFTER the original page was found... by the ICANN guys and not by the intended recipient? How do I as anonymous, private publisher know if my material is been seen in (name unwanted country) or how can I actually tell anybody that this should only be seen in this city and not the whole world? Who is taking these decisions? Other concrete examples this author has found are not so innocuous as the initial example but are in fact a matter of dispute... in this author s mind because so far it has been impossible to ellicit even a simple reply to these not so engineering issues. So, if I am posting a family site and aunt Ant in the next continent could not see it, or if I am posting a real announcement and the guy next city only got babble, or if I cannot link myself into a real network of people with my same last name, who is it to be blamed? Like worlwide civilization just begun and it is the ICANN who has... the central government."

Submission + - Google Wave Preview Opens Up on Sept 30th (infoq.com)

snitch writes: "With the Google Wave Preview scheduled for public availability on September 30th, Wave API Tech Lead Douwe Osinga has posted on the Wave Google Group about what the team has been working on along with some future directions.

Up until now with the limited availability of testing accounts there have been complaints on the Google Group from users that wanted to get their hands on this new technology but didn't have access to the sandbox. As Douwe explains the team has been busy all this time with stability issues and more"

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