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Comment Another one of the CSIRO's many achievements (Score 5, Interesting) 88

Please note CSIRAC was developed by the CSIRO. Yes this is the same organisation that some people have unfairly labelled as a patent troll regarding their licensing claims over technology they developed in relation to Wi-Fi. The CSIRO is a wonderful organisation that Australians should rightfully feel very proud of as they have long rich history of developing technologies that push the boundaries of science and benefit humanity. Take a look at http://www.csiropedia.csiro.au/display/CSIROpedia/Achievements+by+decade to see the great volumes of innovation and excellent achievements of the CSIRO.

Disclaimer: I work at the CSIRO and I feel immensely privileged to work in an organisation that not only developed CSIRAC, but is devoted to advancing society through a multitude of diverse cutting edge scientific research endeavours.

Comment Re:Obama knows how to play politics if anything. (Score 1) 834

Perhaps your system is quite different to ours. Here, there are limited spaces in courses dependent on how many graduates it is predicted will be required to fill appropriate jobs. Hence, giving even a free education wouldn't result in large amounts of people with useless degrees. It does however make sure that those best to do those jobs get the opportunity.

I must say find your attitude to education rather worrying. Education is an investment in society. Better educated worker produce more and they more than pay the cost of there education back with taxes on their higher salaries (of course you saddling them with large amounts of debt from the start doesn't help!). I would also like to clarify that I wasn't suggesting that anyone try to take all of rich peoples money! They should however pay at least equal tax rates (that is just obvious to me).

Education is just the start. The US is the only first world nation without universal health care. Sorry, but the picture I get is of a very unfair society.

Comment Re:Obama knows how to play politics if anything. (Score 3, Interesting) 834

Wow, yet again I'm glad I don't live in America. In Australia, we have loans, but they're by no means as draconian. We even had free tertiary education for a long time. The fees we pay are a tiny fraction of what students in the US have to pay, but our our education system is still world class. I think it's better to allow more equal access to education (without the need of scholarships) as you end up with more of a student meritocracy rather than only those whose parents could afford it.

On top of that, we are a very wealthy nation. I don't want to rub in the: 40 hour weeks we work; the 4 weeks of holidays we get a year, or the the 3 months of long service leave we get every 10 years; but it is worth a mention as well as these kinds of rights lead to healthier societies.

I don't want my comments to sound anti-American. They're not. I like most Americans quite a lot and have visited a number of times. (I'm an avid skier!) However, it seems to me that a lot of people, especially the young and disadvantaged get a raw deal in the US. It also seems to me that the US is hell bent of making the super rich even wealthier whilst spending on insanely expensive military systems with money that could give people educations that didn't bankrupt them, whilst benefiting and transforming society for the better as a whole. Regrettably, I see a lot of injustice.

I'm not sure how it works in the US, but any loans we have made are only required to be paid back as percentage of our income once we reach a certain threshold. I hope you have a similar system...

Comment Re:The mobsters are licking their lips at this.... (Score 1) 473

Why on earth would the post office not tax you once you bought more than one stamp?!

Let me ask you this. How much would the post office tax you on 500K transactions after removing the penny? Hint: What is $700K rounded to the nearest 5 cents.

So let me get this straight... Somehow Australia is backward, yet is far ahead of the curve in such reform. Whilst you aren't backward, but could be outwitted by a 3 year old!

Comment Re:Opalis (Score 1) 427

I've done training on Opalis. There are currently quite a few limitations with the software that we discovered through the training:

- We encountered a lot of issues with the software and there was also a lack of documentation. Basically I wouldn’t consider the software to be up to normal production standard yet.

- It can be quite cumbersome to put together complex workflows with Opalis for a number of reasons, some of which include:
        * The criteria for which path to take don’t include any “else” option, so if you want to take separate paths then you have to define the criteria multiple times and ensure yourself that the criteria on one and only one path will be correct.
        * Often workflows start by monitoring for something to happen, e.g. a job of a particular type to be created in the service desk product. The problem is that if the thing you are monitoring for happens while your policy isn’t running (because something went wrong, the server was being rebooted or any other reason) then it will miss that instance and won’t ever trigger for that case.
        * Opalis allows you to embed scripts, .Net Code and SQL statements in various locations. However, it has no way to avoid attacks such as SQL injection attacks where you use variables within that code that come from an untrusted source.
        * It isn’t possible to understand what the elements of an existing workflow do without clicking on them and checking all of the properties for each one and for all of the links.
        * Workflows can’t include long-term actions like waiting for approval that might take a few days because if a workflow is terminated in the middle (e.g. because the server running the workflow is patched and rebooted) then no state is saved and the task that the workflow was performing will simply disappear.

I don’t consider the licensing for Opalis to be particularly friendly because it only comes as part of various bundles from Microsoft. This is great if you already have the System Centre bundle for all your severs because then you get Opalis for free, but not so great if you don’t.

Comment Re:Learn VBScript (Score 1) 427

KiXtart is by far the best admin scripting language. With VBScript you have to instantiate a COM object to do pretty much anything and has an annoying syntax. Whilst KiXtart fully supports COM, it also a has a ton of really useful inbuilt functions and it will it run on every version of Windows. Check out http://www.kixtart.org./ There is a very large community and hundreds of UDF's.

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