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Comment Re:As much as I hate Apple (Score 5, Insightful) 187

This is not really a surprising move from Apple. It was more or less a given once they rolled out TouchID.

On the flip side, I've been listening to various Internet commentators go on and on about how Apple "has to have NFC" (reason: "because Android does"). Meanwhile, I've had an RFID credit card for approximately five years now, and, despite attempting to use it at numerous terminals marked with the RFID symbols, have only been successful in using it less than five times. Apparently no one running a retail payment terminal cares.

Even if you are a hater, you have to admit Apple's entry into this market will help spur businesses to roll out NFC terminals, or switch on NFC on their existing terminals, or just make sure the NFC works.

Comment Security (Score 2) 222

I've read the articles, watched the video on their site, and read the FAQ. It is unclear whether the app actually sends your card information to their servers. As I posted over on Hacker News:

No, Coin, I'm not going to store all of my credit and debit cards in a single spot on the Internet.

Your app has to work without Internet, or it's a security risk.

Comment Re:I guess soon we'll see about Flash (Score 1) 154

Would you like another G1 to put in your drawer?

I realize there's always pain in being an early adopter, but Google and T-Mobile aren't being very kind to the owners of the original Android device. The phone is 17 months old and was last updated 8 months ago. That's even more distressing given that it (originally) could only be purchased within a 24-month contract.

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