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Submission + - NSA tracking IPs of people searching for Tor, read BoingBoing, love Linux

Isara writes: Search for Tor, read BoingBoing? The NSA may be on to you. According to an investigation by Das Erste, a German television and news outlet, the NSA is using XKeyscore to locate people who are searching for Tor, Talis, and other privacy tools. Additionally, according to Das Erste, "The XKeyscore rules reveal that the NSA tracks all connections to a server that hosts part of an anonymous email service at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It also records details about visits to a popular internet journal for Linux operating system users called 'the Linux Journal — the Original Magazine of the Linux Community', and calls it an 'extremist forum.'" BoingBoing has more about the XKeyscore rules and who they're targeting and suggests this information comes from another, non-Snowden, whistleblower.

Submission + - Juries Have No Place in the Patent System

Isara writes: "GigaOm's Jeff John Roberts has a compelling writeup about patent trials and how juries are detrimental to justice in such cases. Roberts uses the recent Apple-Samsung trial as the backdrop for his article; although the trial lasted three weeks, during which hundreds of documents were presented and the finer points of US patent law were discussed, the jury only took 2-3 days to deliberate."

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