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Comment Re:It's bullshit is what it is (Score 1) 1010

The FBI indicated that they DID find classified material, with markings, in the emails that were on the server. But that it was there "without intent" whatever that means.

Ok, try this: If she didn't use government email, that classified material was sent TO her - by others. (Unless she typed it in by hand?) She was the RECIPIENT.

If someone emails YOU classified material, is it automatically your fault?

Comment Might be focusing on Lync (Score 2) 224

Their business chat / voice / video tool ("Microsoft Lync") has been getting some of their attention, and was recently rebranded "Skype for Business". They may be converging the two, using the Lync code base going forward. To me that makes more sense than maintaining two products that do the same thing.

Comment Tesla US Federal Rebate End in Sight (Score 1) 161

I wonder how many potential purchasers in the US are aware that once Tesla passes 200K vehicles sold the Federal subsidy will phase out over the following 12 months. With 90K+ on the road already, not counting Model S & X sales for two years, I think the pre-orders put them over the top. Best guess is subsidy eliminated by the start of 2019 (assuming no delays in Model 3 release, which are expected).

I hope the production costs will decline with experience to replace the subsidy.

Comment Re:Genetic diversity and human lifespan (Score 1) 121

Hypothesis: Constrained lifespan and frequent breeding (cycles) provides more opportunity to drive diversity in offspring, leading to a higher rate of natural selection and increases in overall species population. Or we could get an evolutionary biologist on here. This is probably a 101-level question for them.

Comment Makes Sense (Score 1) 139

PIA's generally discuss the technology or system in terms of how it would be used by the agency. For the FBI, this would likely include different operational scenarios, and certainly how drone data would be used in investigations. I can understand that such information would reveal strategies and tactics. As long as is has oversight by somebody (a point of discussion, I know) I'm fine with it being marked For Official Use Only (FOUO).

Comment Re:What's wrong with so called postal zone dump (Score 1) 60

They actually already do "postal zone dumps" in the United States, in that the front of every single piece of mail sent through the Post Office is imaged and put in a database for law enforcement. They've been doing it for some time.

I had no idea this was being done.

Comment Great hobby, essential to get ethnic programming (Score 5, Informative) 219

I've been running FTA receiver setups in the US for about a decade, so my data comes from that. My own setup uses 3 dishes (one with multiple satellites), and I operate two others at different locations. I have relatives in Europe who've been doing this for longer, and it's very easy and common over there. It's pretty rare in the US. I started because some family members wanted to receive ethnic programming in their own languages and I love to experiment. It requires some practice to set up and aim, but is very doable and doesn't have to be expensive. You can get started under $300US. Take a look at Sadoun in Texas. He also has a lot of information for beginners.

You'll need a dish (typically 90cm), somewhere with a view of your selected satellites to plant it, an LNB to go on the dish (Low Noise Block Amplifier, the actual "antenna"; the dish is just a reflector), a bunch of RG6 cable leading to your TV, and a receiver.

Before buying all this, take a look at the various satellites and channels available to you, and pick a starting satellite. You'll need to be sure that you have a clear line of sight to the "bird". A great site for this is lyngsat. In the US I suggest starting with Galaxy 19, which has several hundred channels on it.

Summarizing the rest, plant the dish, aim, and scan with your receiver to program the channels. You can get all sorts of things regularly, and occasional "wild feeds" that aren't intended for public consumption. There's also encrypted video, which is either pay TV, private company channels (like Ford, etc.) or network backhauls.

Later on you can get into multiple satellites, either with multiple LNB's on one dish, multiple dishes and a switch, or a motorized (!) dish. They're all fun.

It's a lot of fun, and can be a great intro for kids to electronics, radio reception, satellites, orbital mechanics, space, etc.

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