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Comment Re:Good for Apple (Score 1) 243

I am a Make subscriber (3 years now), but haven't noticed any additional junk through USPS, couldn't really say about email, though. Who have you seen that they've sold to, is it just anyone who'll pay or something that might be "targeted"? Regardless, if I were to see this, I'd be quick to drop them as well, but the only problem I've had is that they mixed up a gift subscription and my renewal for one issue.

Comment Re:Credit Card data? (Score 1) 243

Comparing a periodical published on paper (and also available online) that is available for purchase at most newsstands to another periodical published on paper (and also available online) that is available for purchase at most newsstands is comparing apples and oranges? They're both fruit - I even find them together in that crappy fruit salad that my mother-in-law makes. My point is simply that a publication _can_ exist by subscription. Though, I do certainly recognize that there are fundamental differences in the content (But, I'm a CRO subscriber!).

Comment Re:Credit Card data? (Score 4, Funny) 243

I (might?) live in Atlanta, but each month I hire nineteen different homeless people in nineteen different cities and give them each enough money to hire another homeless person that buys one random magazine and an envelope for it. I also give them nineteen different addresses that I have in a one time pad, but only one of those addresses is my neighbor's. When a magazine arrives, I steal it from my neighbor's mailbox, but only after disguising myself as the neighbor's sister. The bulge is hard to hide in a dress, the bums sometimes steal my money, and I never know what magazine I'll get - but damnit if I am going to let anyone target me in an advertisement!! Oh, and I chose nineteen because it's a prime number, but the government is working to fix that.

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