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Comment Re:Let mail delivery die. (Score 1) 398

They only pick up my trash twice a week, and I'm OK with that.

: Wow, twice a week? Seems like overkill.... the trash get's picked up once every three weeks starting this month in my city. Recycling every 2 weeks and compost every 2 weeks. Twice a week seems like lots of costs could be cut from the local garbage collector. Even with all 3 combined (trash, recycling and compost), it amounts to an average of 1 and 1/3 collection per week, but most people don't put out their compost bin everytime they come by to collect.

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Apple Has Yet Another Bumper Quarter (

Stoobalou writes: Apple has posted yet another record quarter on the back of a bumper Yule but executives skirted around the issue of the health of its helmsman Steve Jobs.

The company saw a 78 per cent surge in profits as the iPad, iPhone, iPod and Mac range of computers continued to sell beyond expectation and despite a market struggling to drag itself out of the worst recession in decades.

Tim Cook — who is standing in for Jobs while he recovers from an undisclosed illness, which most are assuming is related to his pancreatic cancer and subsequent liver transplant — also announced that the company had seen a 71 per cent increase in revenue in its fiscal first quarter.


Submission + - Modders create World of StarCraft 1

Ron writes: A StarCraft version of Blizzard's World of Warcraft has been rumored and begged for by thousands of people. At every BlizzCon, gamers ask to see the massively multiplayer online success of World of Warcraft ported to the Starcraft universe. Is Blizzard already doing so, and if not, why not? One group of modders got tired of all the speculation, and decided to take things into their own hands. Using StarCraft II's powerful map editor, the team created a World of StarCraft game mode, currently in "pre-alpha."

Comment Re:Homeopathic Medicine (Score 1) 430

I respectfully disagree. The power of positive thinking isn't going to heal a tumor, a scorching case of chlamydia, or schizophrenia. In other words, there is a huge and very meaningful difference between thinking you're feeling better and actually having treated the cause of the pain. It's time that we - collectively, as human beings - put magical thinking aside and start to own up to the fact that we can't simply will away the misfortunes that befall us.

And I respectfully disagree. There have been many cases where there was no cure to what ever tumor, disease or what not and the administration of a placebo did actually physically cure the patient. It not only made them feel better but, got rid of the actual physical illness. A quick tour on google gave me a quite a few examples of this, unfortunately I'm using chrome and can't copy/paste in the /. comment box.

When we talk about the placebo effect, what we are really saying is that, when we are sick, there are usually two causes to our pain that can function independently of one another. The first is the actual, organic cause - which we can't treat simply by adopting certain beliefs or thinking differently. And the second is psychic pain, which we can.

Once again, there are many proofs that a placebo can actually get rid of real pain. Google is your friend.

Comment Re:Who is the audience? (Score 1) 349

"As a business tool, it's all but useless"

umm.. unless you run your business in the could, want a 'laptop' that you can hand out to your employees and not worry about what the hell is on there if either it gets left on a park bench or another employee uses it.

sounds absolutely perfect for business and government.

I agree 100% with the added bonus that you don't even have to manage backups!

Comment Re:For all of us? (Score 1) 120

A friend's girlfriend loved to hang out in an IRC channel. She thought she was "stranger proof" because she limited the amount of information she shared in any one conversation. Some of the items she revealed were public, while others were revealed in "private" conversations. She (erroneously) assumed that some of the private conversations were with individuals sharing no connection with each other. After hanging out in the channel for a couple of weeks she got a phone call -- from Australia. One of the channel members created profiles of other users and data mined their conversations in order to identify them. Coupled with the ability to search the net for the consistent use of handles that many become attached to, he was able to track down people rather easily.

For him it was a game. For others it's business.

I did exactly this a few years back just for fun. I used to host a server for an old client/server sharing network called Hotline. People would upload stuff to my server so they could download the rest of what was on there. There were a few regulars and there was a chat system included in the software. At one point this girl thought she was completely anonymous, I proved her wrong. Just with info on which state she was in and her nickname, I used google to find out her other nicknames, real name, email address, which school she went to, physical address, parents names and jobs and I even sent here a map directly to her house... She was a bit upset about this but it was all for fun. Nobody is really anonymous unless you go through hell using proxy's and stuff like Tor and being completely paranoid.

Comment Re:You can't fix stupid (Score 3, Informative) 968

I use the caps lock key a lot. On French keyboards, when a word begins with an accentuated letter, the only way to display it correctly is to hit caps-lock and press "é" or "à". Give me way to write easily É or À otherwise this is a (arguably minor) feature you remove from me.

I've been using only french keyboards forever and I never have had to use the caps lock key to get a capital É or À or È or  or Ù, etc. Shift works just fine, don't know how you have your keyboard configured but it would seem something is wrong.

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