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Comment Re:Wat (Score 3, Interesting) 94

I think for me, gaming in the retro-ages were a bit more exciting since well, the social aspect is much different than it is today. For instance, I have fonder memories of playing games at the arcade or on the home console, in person with the other players. As in, we weren't playing with anonymous people we didn't know. We also had a certain code of conduct of how you acted when playing with friends or even people you didn't know at the arcade. You would show good sportsmanship (most of the time), something that you don't see online much of anymore. It was actually a healthy thing back in the days of the atari, nes, snes, n64 because you *were* being social. You were hanging out with your friends in front of the tv/arcade machine. Now it's practically anti-social. You lock yourself away in front of the tv or computer alone, you don't give a crap about the person you are playing with, and you hear nothing but people just being flat out rude. I think this is why things like the Wii sold so well. It encouraged family and friends to come together and play together. Bringing back that old social aspect. Parents playing with kids, kids playing with their friends, etc. A reason why people were all loving games like Guitar Hero/Rock Band was getting 4 friends in the same house playing together. Same with how successful the Halo lan parties used to be. A room full of people all playing at once brought much excitement. Like the Successful Daytona USA series having 2-8 arcade machines all linked together for some exciting competition with a room full of energy. Something that is missing today really with online gaming. The energy, the spark, the togetherness. Another thing that made the games exciting was back then, hardware was evolving FAST. Something that is pretty stagnant now. I mean, from the Nes/Master System to the Snes/Genesis/NeoGeo to the Playstation/N64/3DO/Saturn/CDX then to the PS2/Dreamcast/Xbox we saw HUGE advances in hardware and game quality, but the last few years have been pretty boring. PC wise it has been fun (6 core cpu's, 32gigs of ram in a system, 2-3 video cards in SLI, terrabytes of hard drive space, multiple monitor setups with huge resolution), but the games aren't coming out that utilize the full potential of such a system. So well, we just wait, bored, for the consoles to catch up so we can get some more ports, while they want to carry on with the same old hardware for another decade to save money on R&D. Every once in a while we get a gem like Skyrim or Rage to keep us busy for a week, then we sit bored again just playing some crappy mmo for a while.

Comment Re:First thing I want to see.. (Score 1) 187

Actually now that I think about it, when darkplaces added it's own real time lighting engine they made it so you could make a .rlights file for each map by adding real time lights manually to a map in the game engine. But that would be a huge undertaking. See they added a new lighting engine because well, quake 1 didn't have a RT light engine, and well, doom 3 does to a point. If they could magically add darkplaces lighting engine (which requires MUCH more system requirements than doom 3's), then that would then be possible.

Comment Re:First thing I want to see.. (Score 1) 187

That kind of requires the source maps to add the light entities, then to upload those levels which are not free. So I doubt that would happen. Though a mod could come out with new levels that could have more light in them but they couldn't be the same levels unless those levels are also opened. Just because the game's source code was open sourced doesn't mean the game data is free now. Not that it is that hard to make some single player missions with some light in them. We saw plenty of scenes in quake 4 (same engine) that were bright. They made the game dark and gloomy to hide the 4 zombies SLOWLY walking towards you. Duct tape mod helped a bit with the situation by giving you a flashlight "duct taped" to your gun. Though I think an interesting mod would more be splinter cell style Infra-red/NVG's. Mostly what the game source covers are things like network code, graphics engine, sound output, input, resource loading, how the console works, how it loads scripts for the game data to do what it is meant to do. Like you can't edit "how a gun looks/how many monsters are in a room/how many lights are in an area/what the startup videos look like/how many shots until you have to reload/what sound the cyber-demon makes when it dies" in the engine source.

Comment Re:iodoom3 (Score 1) 187

Off the top of my head... For linux, pulseaudio and alsa support. Blender model support (and not needing an aftermarket plugin for blender). Android port (separate team I know :( ). Motion blur. Ambient occulsion. Different measures to prevent such things as aimbots (somehow magically people can't make aimbots for serious sam games, might be something to look into) and servers that don't send you positional data of other players unless they are within your view area. Desktop resolution autodetect at startup that lists all resolutions possible on the system.

Comment Meanwhile the starving indies stay starving. (Score 1) 201

Pretty sure in 6-12 months or so we will see another COD game, and it will sell 20 million copies on the first day, and we'll get another Battlefield, and the same will happen with it. And 400 new and catchy indie games will come out then have to be donated to the humble bundle because no one is buying them. 1 or 2 Indie games might catch on and make the creator millions like minecraft. Maybe someone will actually finish a mod for a game that will catch on like Counter-Strike did or DoTa and take these CoD/BF games out of the news with something new. One can only hope. Hrm, maybe a mod for rage *drools*.

Comment Re:Almost care (Score 1) 210

I would care if the local television stations decided that in order to continue serving their watcher base that were slightly out of town, they would either get more powerful towers or even setup a transmission repeater system. I mean when you name your station "wXXX serving Evansville and Owensboro" yet no one in owensboro can get your signal at all outside of cable, are you still serving Owensboro? TBH I can't say being without live tv has been too terrible. I can still get news from the internet, and all the shows/tv I want from netflix for a pretty low rate. In fact the TV blackout here has shown me that netflix is a generally better service than having to be bothered with annoying advertising and such.

Comment Re:Step one: (Score 1) 155

Mod parent up: No point on getting something she won't use. Perhaps show her a few things and ask her if she likes them for something to do through out the day. She might just ask you for a deck of playing cards and a bed table (at least my great aunt did at 90 when we were taking care of her). Or she might just want some old school paperback books or just a nice remote with large print buttons. Just because they aren't playing a game doesn't mean they aren't using their minds. Many old people love watching game shows because it feels like a game to them to play along answering the puzzles on jeopardy or wheel of fortune or the price is right. Maybe you could show them a wheel of fortune tiger game and see if they would like that to do in their spare time if they are really into that show. New tech isn't always the answer to every problem :)

Comment Re:Excuses (Score 1) 948

I went through something similar, though my father was a single parent (mother left father from physical violence but married a child molester instead so couldn't keep us, so both were pretty horrid parents), and it started with beatings (getting slammed against walls, punched, whipped with belts, sticks, thrown down stairs, malnourishment, smashing or selling possessions), then moved to sexual abuse to my 13 year old sister. Now that I am a father, I respect my own children that punishments are usually along the lines of a long talk about the issues at hand, what the real problem is, and how we can fix it. Though I daily have to fight my own internal rage from my own childhood and the temptation to just hit my sons can get high with aggravation of different situations, but I fight it and win. The problem is the abusers forget the pain over time and think it's alright to just go crazy on their children. That's what I see in this man, is someone who himself was abused severely by some drunk dad or something along those lines and was brainwashed to believe that it was OK for their parents to do that because of things like, "The bible says it's OK". Or "my daddy did it to me, and look, I'm a judge now, so it must have been good". Or "I got beat because I deserved it". All classic things that abusers use to make their children think that it is their fault their parents are raging lunatics. I do believe though that if she really wanted to do something, she should have ASAP. BUT true abusers can brainwash these kids into thinking nothing will happen if they step forward, that every child on the planet gets treated like that, and that the parents are being abused by the children first. In the end, leaving the abused to think that they might as well forget raising any charges because it will just anger their parent(s) more and if they lose the case they will just get abused more by said parent(s). In the end fear is a powerful weapon.

Comment Re:Tides go in, tides go out (Score 1) 943

"or just that this Haught guy had his face mushed into the dirt." -- Yeah, Haught said there was a god, and Coyne merely said, "Prove it". Enough of the Christians telling me to prove there isn't a god. They fail to recognize that it is not our job to prove them wrong, it's their job to prove themselves right. Something they can't do because they believe a story written long ago by men that wanted to control the barbarians. The scary stories are not needed today as now we have something called prison for people that don't want to follow the rules passed down from the government, and religion is no longer needed to scare people to do right.

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