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Submission + - Qualcomm Buys AMD's Wireless Division For $65M (

IorDMUX writes: "Advanced Micro Devices has sold off their entire wireless/handset/multimedia assets, intellectual property, and resources to wireless chip manufacturer Qualcomm for the price of $65 million. The exchange aids AMD's belt tightening, allowing them to focus on their core business of x86 and high-end graphics tech. The exchange is also big news for Qualcomm, providing the company with 3D and vector graphics tech and IP based upon an AMD-developed "unified shader architecture technology" similar to that used by the XBox, but adapted to mobile devices. Here's to real graphics rendering on smartphones and longer battery life for mini-PC's in the near future!"

Submission + - The ARM/x86 Battle: New Opportunities for ARM? (

IorDMUX writes: "Despite its horrendous battery life (as compared to modern ARM processors), Intel's Atom has dominated much of the netbook world with its x86 architecture for which a vast array of programs already exist. A recent press release covering a study from ABI research reveals details about the current state of the ultra-mobile CPU world, but some interesting views on the battleground are offered on the GigaOM blog. In summary, upcoming ARM chips (such as the low power Qualcomm Snapdragon or the visually powerful Nvidia Tegra) have enormous potential for success in devices that run little more than an OS and a browser--which can be easily built and optimized for ARM--and run the majority of their mobile applications via the browser or even "in the cloud"."

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