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Comment "My Current one"? (Score 1) 587

Back then I had one VIC-20. Now i have 3 computers (1 workstation, 2 laptops) and 2 phones, with a combined RAM of 20+ GB. The major point here isn't that we have more memory in our computers, but also that we have a lot more computers, and "your current ONE" seems like a statement belonging in the 1990ies.

Comment Re:Good try, but not as good as Celestia (Score 2) 68

When you try to get your non-science geek friends to understand why you think "space and stuff" is fascinating, it is a lot easier to point them to a web page like this, and have them goof around a but, rather then tell them "Download and install Celestia, it's a lot more accurate". Sometimes in the realm of non-geeks, accessibility trumps accuracy. This is one of the cases where the lack of accuracy don't really hurt that much.

Comment Re:Oh good. (Score 1) 296

True this. The thing is that I am sure he would have received a 3 month Suspended Sentence, and be free to move on whereever he wants to stay after that. Instead he's spent what, 18 months, 2 years in house arrest in a process that's completely collapsed WikiLeaks and the good job that was being done. Now, when he does appear in a court here in in Sweden, the details of his (alledged) behavior with these women will become public record. The punishment, if he's found guilty at all, will be minimal, and all that will remain is the image of a jerk who fled responsibility. If he's found innocent and let go, he will - of course - look even more foolish and paranoid. It's indeed a sad story this.

Comment Stockholm is an outlier? (Score 3, Interesting) 159

The article says that "all subway systems with more than 100 stations match this". According to Wikipedia, the Stockholm subway system has 101 stations, out of which 100 are active, and the Stockholm subway system does not have this core loop that they talk about. I hope they don't extend to more than 100 active stations, it would invalidate all this important research. :)

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