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Comment Trend Analysis (Score 5, Insightful) 27

I can certainly appreciate a well written complex piece of SQL. Writing major summary reports in SQL can be unbelievably complex. However, it doesn't need to be complex in order to impress me. It just has to answer the correct question. Particularly true when querying a data warehouse, it is all about getting sums and averages over time periods, right? Now you take those results, throw them into a crosstab engine, start spitting out charts and looking for trends. Then you can start to see the anomalous trends.

An award winning SELECT statement, in my opinion, would simply be one that asks an insightful question.

Comment Re:just a friendly reminder (Score 1) 43

PS, if quantum photon tangler re-danglers are activated, let me know which light on the server indicates this and how i can check to make sure the tangler is launching fresh photons.

Well, we have designed it so that the photons will automatically light up. I am particularly proud of that design.
Unfortunately, we have not exposed them outside the box so you will not be able to see them from the outside.
However, we are working on software that will represent their state in a meaningful fashion.

Comment Re:Article asks an important question (Score 1) 416

  • [1.] A detection of thrust that scaled with input power: the greater the power, the greater the thrust, in a predictable relationship.
  • [2.] A thrust that was at least many standard deviations above the measurement error.
  • [3.] An isolated environment, where atmospheric, gravitational and electromagnetic effects were all removed.
  • [4.] A reproducible setup and a transparent device design, so that other, independent teams can further test and validate the device/investigate the mechanism.
  • [5.] And finally, a detailed results report with the submission of an accompanying paper to peer review, and acceptance by the journal in question.

Your caveats generally cover it for me. IANAS. Perhaps I see the world through too much of a programmer perspective but #4 is the only one that I care about.
If the results are consistent and repeatable by independent groups, does anything else matter?
It depends on what you mean by "...that this is real".
If you mean, "Can I build a propulsion drive based on this principle alone?", then I would need more.
If you mean, "This demonstrates that there is a something we don't currently understand that requires further investigation", just #4.
If you mean, "Can we use this to calculate the exact improbability of this being real?" then we could feed this into a finite improbability generator (still working on it) and use it to create an Infinite Improbability Drive. Then we wouldn't need all that tedious mucking about in hyperspace.

Comment Re:without the need for doping (Score 1) 38

When a graphene sheet was placed on top of an atomically smooth sheet of yttrium iron garnet, the graphene borrowed the magnetic properties from the yttrium iron garnet and became magnetized without the need for doping.

I agree. I have had enough of hearing about all the doping scandals.
The last thing I need is news that my writing instrument is high on who-knows-what.
I can't wait to buy a pencil that will stick to my fridge without having to glue a magnet to it.
...and with two sheets built in, I won't have to hunt for paper!

Submission + - Groupon backs down on use of GNOME trademark (

Inzkeeper writes: The Gnome Foundation started raising funds for a court challenge after Groupon tried to register several trademarks around the name "GNOME". After an outpouring of outrage from the open source community, Groupon decided to choose a different name.

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