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Comment Loophole? (Score 1) 655

I wonder if this is a workable loophole for the debt vs upfront payment issue. You, as a buyer, meet up with the seller to buy his second hand item. The seller gives you credit and sells the item to you. You are now in his debt. Two seconds later, you pay him cash, because federal law states cash is legal tender for debts. Problem?

Comment Re:Federal Law State Law (Score 1) 655

When you are paying for something in a store, you are not in debt, therefore that wording above does not apply. The shop keeper can legally demand any form of currency he wants to... bananas, iPhones, jelly beans, widgets... and is under no obligation to accept cash. If you as a buyer don't like his terms, you can walk away. Nobody is indebted to one another here. However, if you owe someone money for goods or services previously rendered, you ARE in debt, and legally the person you need to pay is required by law to accept cash.

Comment Re:Security is for Other people! (Score 1) 377

I work for a telecom dealer that specializes in fulfilling corporate needs. All corporate sales are done through our website. A few of our clients are security companies. One of them (which will go unnamed) has a key purchaser who is completely computer illiterate. When trying to troubleshoot her difficulties using our website, I asked what browser she was using. She replied "Office 2003".

After patiently instructing her on how to determine her browser and version number, it turned out she was using IE6. That was about 2 years ago. They still use IE6 to this day and have no intentions of switching off of it. Having dealt with a large variety of companies over the years, I think security firms are the most technically inept and the most likely to completely disregard online security.

What kind of security company are we talking about here? Are they an IT security company, or some muscle-for-hire type security company? Huge difference. Granted, the key purchaser should still be competent on the computer, but the story doesn't quite carry the same punch as if this was a computer illiterate worker at an IT security firm.

Comment I Can See It Now.. (Score 1) 1065

You know how some places have laws to not allow talking or texting while driving, but drivers are still doing it and maybe even causing more accidents because they have to do it secretly, like texting from their lap? If phones no longer work inside the car, I can see people driving with their right hand on the wheel while leaning their head out the window with so that the phone is outside the car. I bet it would happen.

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