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Comment Swedes wil fly or float to and from Sweden how? (Score 1) 237

There is no substitute on the horizon for kerosene belching jets. Even ferries are currently mostly diesel. So perhaps swedes will use their renewable chargedteslas togoto aver pavilions of the illusion of places beyond their orders,or wait, electric trains long way round to other carbon spewing countries?

Comment Give me some steel working Men! (Score 3, Funny) 86

Psyche 16 is a heavy mass of iron. Already well out of the gravity well of the Sun. Give me a few resourceful and creative engineers (The challenge will be way too demanding for AI and Too far away from earth for near real-time robotics) and all I need is an energy source. With our minds and Promethean effort Iwe can craft an iron or steel (using easily scavenged local carbon )space ship forged in space). Then we’ll use the energy source, magnetism from the conductive iron and Iron ions to create an impulse drive to power our beautiful large Beam and Plate habitat on an epic voyage !. It’s all straight forward conventional physics Steel water tanks we’ll fill on the fly from Ice we find drifting out there like cometary space icebergs.. atmosphere by electrolysis. Calling on all you brave sons of Pittsburg! Imagine what we can do! We’ll make the Martian look like the dirt farmer he was!

Comment Foreign workers work diffently (Score 1) 414

U.S. born engineers have been very successful and innovative. Foreign workers come from different educational backgrounds and experiences. As anyone who was worked besides them learns this gives them different attitudes and propensities. That make them counterfeits not plug-compatible with more experienced workers. When you factor in the costs of projects that eventually collapse or fail to gain traction with users, the ultimate cost of H1b Workers may be higher. Or if you are unwise... One of the many disastrous offshoring attempts may be very harmful to you own career.

Comment Elon Musk's Big bet (Score 1) 35

I have long believed that when Elon musk was planning his Tesla projects; the electric car and the power wall storage systems he must have faced a critical go no-go decision. At the time lithium batteries were not great but he must have decided they were good enough and bet that improvements would make them better. as his Giga battery factory in nevada comes online that bet is paying off big time. Not only will the cars range be increased but the faster charging rates will make stopping for lunch a pleasant way to charge up while taking a break from freeway cruising. He is a great engineer and has a subtle sense of humor.wsn't he cute to namehis technology companies based on DC after history's most famous proponent of AC?

Comment Prelude to Mars? (Score 1) 105

With a thick atmosphere and oceans and wide open plains everywhere there is little engineering justification to landing a rocket when you can simply pop a parachute.

But Mars has a thin atmosphere and you need a working rocket to come home. Are the fins a lattice to simulate mar's thin air?

Elon is nothing if not forward looking...

Comment Don't forget the 12C Financial and it's forbearers (Score 1) 702

Used to be on conference calls to close a deal and could scribble with one hand on a yellow legal pad and work the N, PMT, I, PV, FV buttons with my other thumb. Still emulated on the IPad (and sold by HP)... In it's realm nothing better came along after. Do you miss the good old days?

Submission + - Cognitive Computing For All: IBM Releases A Legion Of Watsons

malachiorion writes: The first examples of what developers can do with the new Watson API are pretty lame—health coaching, personal shopping... But the tech behind Watson, and its transition from a single system to a cloud-based species, essentially, of cognitive computing software, is a very big deal. My analysis for Popular Science: http://www.popsci.com/blog-network/zero-moment/cognitive-computing-all-ibm-releases-legion-watsons

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