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Comment Re:Stereotypes and Vacuums (Score 1) 222

Maybe its because our ideas of property and ownership are changing and people just don't want to accept it. All of this content that is controlled by the wrong people, its time for that to end. the content belongs to the people not to corporations that have convinced people to to give away ownership of there creations. We need to quit being so selfish with our creations, they are meant to be shared and if you are going to make money by it, that will be decided by the people that experience your creations not the other way around. Times are changing.

Comment Re:Torturing ants (Score 1) 440

History has shown me that our country creates conflicts to perpetuate wars in other countries solely for selfish reasons. They did it with the lies that spread about WMD's in a iraq when in fact there were no WMD's and they probably did it in Kuwait. Another thing is that we dont know all the details about these conflicts, we only know what government approved sources say unless you know how to dig. So Id be real careful on thinking that what we do in any country has merit.

Comment Re:Torturing ants (Score 1) 440

I dont think you realize that we are beyond the threshold of operating as country that is constitutional. Its really surprising that so many dont see the writing on the wall.
Same thing happened when the Germans started occupying other countries before WWII. They too promised that they were not sending Jews to incineration camps, all the while it was happening to them but still they wanted to believe that it was anything else then what they already knew in their hearts to be true.

Its time to wake up and realize you are living in a prison of your own making perpetuated by powerful people that want to suck the life out of you.

Comment Rachota (Score 1) 301

Im self-employed so I use Rachota to keep track of my time. Its a java app that allows you to enter in things you are working on and runs a timer for each one. It asks you with a pop up what you are doing every 10mins to see if you changed your task and keeps track of your productivity time verses your down time. its pretty good.

Comment Re:Hate train. (Score 1) 740

I kind of a agree with you. I thought the mobile ui was going to blow on the desktop. Then I started playing with the start menu, moving things around removing icons I dont need and it actually works pretty good. I like how you can categorize the icons in to block sets because I can sort all my icons in well displayed categories. I Miss Flip-3d thing a lot because I like being able to see information happening behind windows.

Regarding GIMP I never could figure out why people say it has a good ui its seems cumbersome to me.

Comment Just to give everyone an idea... (Score 1) 204

Of what we are up against.
If you start looking into all of the people that have come into power you will recognize that its a very small number of people from powerful families that have a history in MKUltra Mind Control. Accept for Obama and some others I havent looked up.
Now im not saying this is all true, but if you start looking at the history and connecting the dots you start to wonder if we are living in free country.
This video is talk from a previous mk ultra survivor, the best one I a have seen yet she talks about some of the people involved in mind control experiments and how its part of the people who are running or have run for president. Now it might all be bullshit, but im starting to wonder if there is some truth to it the more I research it.
Dont say I didnt warn you that this graphic stuff and will stretch your beliefs to the limit.

Comment Re:Loon vs. fruitcake. (Score 1) 204

or instead of casting one single vote we could rank the candidates from best to worst and the canidate with highest over all score wins the election which would more than likely lead to moderate semi sane people getting elected as all of the parties realize that the start putting smarter people in and get rid of demagogues who will get both rated highly by one set of whackjobs and lowly by the nut-cases at the other end of the spectrum. so we would have a system rewarding sound reason instead of which charismatic loon happens to have the largest fallowing of zealots by 1% or can discourage 60% of the nation to not bother

That's to smart of an idea for it to ever happen in this country since we have stupid people running it. :)

Comment Re:System of paying for votes is wrong (Score 1) 204

It's the system of financing the voting system is what's wrong. Influence and Lobbying

It actually goes further than that, you want to get to the real root of the problem? start with education and spirituality.

People need information that isn't controlled by people that want to deny the world the truth, and the most important way to bring about the truth is practicing some kind of spiritual life (even if you dont believe in god). 80% of the people in the U.S dont do much work on their spiritual life, hence we have adults that are still kids trying to run a country when they cant even control their own lives.
The power of now is a good book for a starting point.

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