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Comment Re:Whatever means necessary? (Score 1) 818

In every declaration of secession, slavery was given as the first and most prominent reason for secession.

That is a blatant lie, and judging by the fact you didn't link to the declarations that deny this claim, you damn well know it's a lie.

Yeah, did you read the link you provided? Because every single quote that ShanghaiBill used is contained on the page you provided.

Comment Re:All the more reason to get an antenna. (Score 1) 126

Yeah, but I have one of those $20 antennas and it sucks. It clips out or freezes every couple of minutes if the signal is stronger. Every 10 seconds if the signal is weak. I'm not in the middle of nowhere. I am in a city, 15 min bike ride from downtown.It's basically impossible to watch.

Add in the fact that it's about 1/3 commercials (with some exceptions, like PBS) and I just can't do it. I literally have not seen a TV commercial since I was at my parents house last Christmas. It also ties me to watching TV on their schedule, not mine. I get out of work at 11 am and for me personally nothing worth watching ever comes on in the middle of the day on those channels available over the air.

I'm not arguing for cable subscription either. Better reception sure, but same problem with commercials and scheduling. DVR fixes that somewhat, sure, but I want to see a program uninterrupted, not fast forwarding through commercials. And WAY overpriced.

Streaming isn't perfect, and it's but it meets what I need done way more then that antenna does.

Comment HOSTS FILE (Score 1) 277

I had to edit my HOSTS FILE.

But I'm not that guy.

I tried to play Planetside 2 on Tues. The launcher got an error message. Their website down too... Was odd. Reddit to the rescue. Someone posted the domains and IP addresses necessary to add to the hosts file. Worked fine but game pop was way down. Lowest I think I've seen since the recent server merger.

There were other recommendations to switch to Google's DNS servers wich apparently updated much faster after SOE fixed it, but like I really need Google to know every single domain name I connect to.

Comment Better Efficiency (Score 1) 204

I'd be interested. My room mate uses high to boil water no matter how large of a pot she's using. I keep trying to explain to her it just wastes energy to have flames that are are going further out than the pot sides, but she swears it boils faster. Even though she walks away and doesn't come back till it's been boiling for at least 10 minutes.

Comment Re:Did anyone care anymore? (Score 3, Interesting) 105

How about the 86% of adults in the United States that didn't use the internet by 1995? Or the 64% that still hadn't in 2000.Source And that's for the US alone. Worldwide, even worse.

And yes, I realize this is a computer magazine, and probably had higher internet adoption, but other magazines get printed as well. Some of which aren't geared towards techies that used the internet in 1990.

And on a personal note, early 90s childhood me would like that thank gaming magazines. Mostly for cheat codes.

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