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Journal Interrobang's Journal: Integrating Help Using RoboHelp/VB -- Map IDs Question 1

Here's where you guys come in.

The Back Story: I've not done a lot of in-program help integrations, because I've usually been working with people who know how to do it. None of the programmers here do, and I don't either.

We're looking to streamline our help integration process for in-program, window-level help. The way we would like to do this is to have the developers assign Map IDs in the code right from the outset in the development process, before the help is written. However, doing so would mean that any map file I get from them will not include topic titles. Is this a problem?

(The advantage is that by using this system I could go through the application screen by screen during the testing phase and determine which screens do not have associated help topics.)

As of now, I can create a .h file in RoboHelp and import it into the project file, but if there are no topic titles specified, I can't see any of the Map IDs in RoboHelp's Edit Map IDs window.

If we can in fact implement this system, what does the developer need to give me (that will actually work)? What should the file content look like? Do any of you actually know?
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Integrating Help Using RoboHelp/VB -- Map IDs Question

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  • VB.net has built in help dialog. I've never used (nor heard of) RoboHelp, so without and sample file, I don't know how much use I can be.

    VB6 doesn't have built in help. The only way I can think of doing it there would be to write a function such as:

    public function GetHelptext(helpId as integer) as string

    and inside that function it would open the help file, grab the error text by ID and return it.


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