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Comment OTOH (Score 1) 246

I agreed with this:

This person doesn't have to be a geek, but does need to be fluent in both tech talk and managementese. He or she also needs to master the delicate skill of telling the bosses no without offending them, says Adriana Zona, director of IT for Minco, a manufacturer of components for military and medical facilities. "You can't tell the business side an idea is nonsense if they're the ones who came up with it," she says. "I call these people the bouncers or gatekeepers -- they guard IT from irresponsible requests. Half of their job is saying no in a friendly way. Every IT department is bombarded with these kinds of requests. If you did them all, you wouldn't be doing the right thing for your company."


Submission + - Software freedom means business success (

superapecommando writes: According to Simon Phipps, former head of open source at Sun:

One of the common objections I hear about open source software is along the lines of "Why do I care about access to the source code? The last thing I want is responsibility for more code." Catching the word 'source', it's easy to jump to the conclusion that it's the whole point of open source and thus the domain of sandaled revolutionaries fixated on programming.
But a focus on software freedom isn't just for the revolutionaries. All the values that make CIOs pick open source software are derived from software freedom. You can use the presence of software freedom as the 'genetic marker' for value to your business.

Comment Re:What year is it for Voyager 1 & 2? (Score 1) 260

Time dilation effects only become observable a *lot* closer to c than anything man-made has remotely been.
Relevant link:

Velocities in ordinary life which to us might seem incredibly fast have only a miniscule relativistic effect. For example, orbital velocity (5 miles per second) produces a relativistic factor of change of only 1.000000000360219. Travelling at 93,141.1985 miles per second (half the speed of light) produces a factor of 1.1547005383792517. Here the velocity is incredibly fast and yet the change is still quite small. At .9 times the speed of light, the factor becomes 2.294157338705618. Finally, the effects of relativity become significant.

I think the term is tau factor, which, according to the above site's calculator, is 1.0000000016077795, or a difference of about 1 second subjective time over the last 33 years.

Comment Re:YES! Can't wait for this! (Score 1) 55

Indeed, I have yet to find anything as original and fun since I first played a decade ago. Only the decline of servers running interesting maps and rulesets has caused my playtime to decrease, hopefully this move will cause a new generation to discover the game and bring their own creative energy to the game. Thank God I finished college before they did this!

Feds Consider H-1B Changes After Uncovering Fraud 254

CWmike writes "A Citizenship and Immigration Services spokesman said today that the agency is weighing a series of reforms to the H-1B application process, including the use of 'independent open-source data' to obtain information about visa seekers or the companies that file the petitions on their behalf. The move follows a report by the agency that found widespread problems and evidence of fraud in the nation's H-1B program, including forged documents, fake degrees and shell companies being used in H-1B applications. It also comes after the controversy caused by changes to the H-1B rules earlier this year."

Comment Re:A bad idea even if true (Score 2, Informative) 438

My father has been an organic gardener for 30 years and he purchases cottonseed hulls every couple of years for mulch. The parent is correct, these are not "waste" products that are being miraculously turned into useful energy, this application would be a net loss. Hopefully the biofuel bubble will collapse quickly enough for people to wake up to the necessity of responsible energy policy rather than hoping for a magic pill.
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Sierra dropping Tribes multiplayer support

Interl0per writes: A number of sites have been reporting recently on the quiet announcement Sierra has made that they will no longer provide multiplayer support for a number of titles, including the venerable and influential Starsiege:Tribes. A number of people already host or are voluteering to host a third party master server. There is some ongoing discussion among the community as to how to effectively distribute the new master server info for those who wish to continue playing online.

Submission + - Heroes Star joins Nimoy as Spock for Trek XI

Interl0per writes: It has been revealed at Comic-Con that Zachary Quinto of Heroes has been cast as Spock in the J.J. Abrams film. Leonard Nimoy joined Quinto on stage for the revelation and it seems that Nimoy will also be involved in the production. The full write-up is here.

Submission + - Web hosting with a (free-speech) backbone (

schwaang writes: Slashdot readers will recall tales of woe like these where web hosting services shut down websites at the slightest controversy over their content, prompting the EFF to tell GoDaddy to get a backbone.

Now from Jimmy Atkinson of Dedicated Hosting Guide comes Free Speech Hosting: 11 Web Hosts That Won't Dump You at the First Sign of Controversy.

Some cater to adult sites, others to political dissent, but all to free speech in some form or other. As Voltaire supposedly said, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

Linux Business

Submission + - Dell to offer more Ubuntu-powered models (

kickabear writes: "Dell and Canonical are getting set to expand the lineup of Ubuntu-based PCs.

From the article: '"What's been announced to date is not the full extent of what we will see over the next couple of weeks and months," Shuttleworth said an interview late on Wednesday. "There are additional offerings in the pipeline," he said.'

Dell declined comment."


Submission + - AMD + ATI One Year Later

NerdMaster writes: Hardware Secrets posted today an in-depth analysis of the ATI+AMD deal one year after it was first announced. Their conclusions are quite amazing: "So far the big winner from the AMD-ATI deal is clearly nVidia. Today nVidia is worth two times and a half more than it was one year ago, while AMD is worth less than it was before buying ATI! This is simply amazing, AMD bought a 5 billion dollar company and instead of becoming a 15 billion dollar company nVidia was the one that became such company! Also during the last 1-year period Intel market value increased 43%."

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