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Comment Re:This happned to me... (Score 1) 241

Very much this. If you want to be gandhi, be gandhi. Just don't be surprised if you end up being punished because you were making a point. The difference with a main ISP is that unlike the ISP, Tor is used in large part for trying to hide illegal activity such as pirating or sharing cp.

Arguing that the cp is not your problem because you only run the exit node is not going to win you any sympathy, regardless of the philosophical merits of your argument. If they can tie actual cp traffic to your node, you will end up ruined. That is the simple reality whether it is right or wrong.

It's like having right of way over a 30 ton truck: you may be in the right, but the truck will squash you to pulp.

Comment Re:Sir Winston (Score 1) 621

The UK exports 40% TO the EU.
If they want to keep doing that, they will follow EU regulations, and will allow freedom of movement.
They are of course free not to do so, as long as they accept that they lose that 40%

The EU has said several times now that that is not going to change. And they cannot step back from that even if they wanted to, because then the EU would put leaving EU countries ahead of the ones that stay. And that's not a long term winning strategy.

Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong? (Score 1) 127

How about: paedophiles who rape little children, or people who beat babies to death with indifference just receive a couple years in prison and then can go along their merry way to repeat themselves. When I see how low those sentences sometimes are, it makes me angry.

Imo. whoever rapes or kills a kid should go to prison for the rest of their natural life without parole. Or if they get out, be actively monitored for life. But apparently it is much more important to consider their feelings and give them second, third or fourth chances than to protect more kids against the staggering recidivism rate of paedophiles which varies from study to study, but over the lifetime of a convicted paedophile are reported typically from 40 to 60%, with the more extreme and aggressive ones more likely to relapse.

I also fail to see how first time offenses should be treated differently. That's like saying that first time someone rapes a kid he should get off lightly so that next time he can be tried for real. First offense should be the last one as well, by virtue of not being able to repeat it. I do believe in second chances for many things, but 'not' being a murderer or child molester are not among them.

Comment Re: Lots of unwarranted concerns (Score 2) 319

Speaking as a Belgian, living in Belgium since I was born, I'd say he is right. We have 5 different governments that partially overlap, we have 3 official languages, and the 2 major language groups can't stand each other. I think Belgium is a great place to live, but that doesn't mean I can't also acknowledge that our political system is pretty dysfunctional and nothing sensible gets done unless it is an emergency.

Comment Re:If you do go with C++ (Score 5, Interesting) 296

I think that really depends on your definition of "best". I've used Qt (and still use it sometimes) and initially I thought I liked it, but over time began disliking it a lot. For one, I've seen the signal/slot mechanism used to create really hard to understand code. I've seen memory allocated via new and then the pointer passed into emit only to be deleted on the other end of a signal/slot chain.

Posted says, "needs to manage memory usage and disk access at a very granular level and a desire to be cross-platform". Stdio/stdlib takes care of that. I don't see any mention of GUI, so if GUI is necessary, then I'd say, ya, just use Qt, because it probably is the best and it does come with a lot of other stuff, so you when in Rome...

Boost. What you'll get from boost is the filesystem stuff. It'll be similar in functionality as System.IO.FileInfo System.IO.Directory in .NET, but way more confusing to use. At least at first.

It's funny, the filesystem api was proposed over 9 years ago for c++.

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