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Comment Re:Easily explainable: Nokia (Score 1, Interesting) 371

Honestly, I can't think of anything that would immature about it.. In fact, especially the UI is great once you've tried it. Easily beats Android and even iPhone too.

Also, development on WP7 phones is ridiculously easy, as you point out. I'm more than happy that Nokia finally dropped Symbian, which was a *major* pain in the ass to even set up development environment for. XNA, Silverlight etc make it ridiculously easy to do apps for WP7.

Only bad thing about WP7 is that you can't run apps outside markets as easily as with old Windows Mobile's. It really sucks. But it's something iPhone and Android mandated, so blame is on them.

Comment Easily explainable: Nokia (Score 0, Flamebait) 371

Nokia has been preparing their Windows Phone 7 line-up. Their Nokia Lumia smart phone has beat sales in many European countries and Australia in December and November, even topping iPhone and every Android phone. It is also a very solid offering. I think both Microsoft and Nokia did the right to go together. Great hardware from Nokia and great software from Microsoft. That combination is pure gold.

Comment Re:Ever heard of ECLIPSE ???? (Score 2, Informative) 137

Like what? Visual Studio is by far the best IDE there is. It is almost outstandingly powerful and still lightweight with the newest versions. It's nice to work with. Apart from VisualAssist, which is great addon, there's not much there to improve over others. In fact, the assist features of VS is on par with others, VA just takes it step further. Anyone who would use Eclipse over VS just doesn't know what he is doing.

Comment Re:Flogging a dead horse much? (Score 1) 969

Puhleeeze, let go of that fucking Mossadegh!

It was the Cold War, both the US and the USSR conducted thousands of secret operations all over the world. The simple fact that operation Ajax was a viable proposition means Iran wasn't a stable democracy.

Countries like those of Eastern Europe got fucked much harder than Iran, they were invaded militarily and kept in submission for fifty years, yet they are recovering. Why cannot Iran forget Mossadegh? Or, rather, why cannot the childish American leftists forget him?

Seems like your mother never taught you that other persons bad actions does not justify you doing bad things.

Comment BASIC (Score 5, Insightful) 137

It's what I started my programming history with and I still have fond memories of it. Easy enough language that got me interested in programming and provided me instant fun. There never really was any other such comprehensive language with quick-to-see results. Drawing on screen was easy, syntax was easy and reading from input was easy. You got fun things done quickly. As much as some "I'm better than you" geeks like to take a stand about it, BASIC was important part of history.

Comment Re:Gee, maybe U.S. shouldn't try to steal oil (Score 1, Insightful) 969

Then you probably also understand that it is the US and Europe that uses most of the resources on our planet. If you want to save as much lives as you can while preventing overpopulation, we westerners should be first ones to go. People from other places on Earth use far fewer resources per one person than we do.

Comment Re:Gee, maybe U.S. shouldn't try to steal oil (Score 2, Insightful) 969

I know you're a parent, and a grandparent, and hence why I used such example. It just seems like you're more easy at putting Iranians/Iraqis at that position and forgetting that they're people just like you. All with their family, history, loved ones and children.

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