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Comment Re:May have... (Score 1) 323

I certainly haven't had time to read the supporting papers carefully and consider them. I am not a professional linguist or cognitive scientist but it is a subject that has interested me for over 40 years, It's why I got into computers in the first place. Could you post some links to resources that could be informative to a keen amateur?

Comment Re:Words in common - Thai and English (Score 2) 323

Sure, cool, not starting a flame war here, it could be a coincidence but of course they are similar in a whole bunch of languages. See the articles supporting info. These words get a high score.

Plus I wasn't asserting that they were similar because they came from some 'proto-language' I was just making an observation that very, very different languages had some words that sounded rather similar and I thought it interesting.

Comment Words in common - Thai and English (Score 5, Interesting) 323

I'll do my best to render Thai words phonetically but it's not easy.

Mare - Mother or often in English Ma

Pore - Father or again often Pa

Fi - fire

Those are the only non-loan words that overlap that I've come across

It is interesting that there are any words in common of course

Comment Re:Database stuff (Score 1) 255

Well, yesterday a friend brought over a machine that had software issues, It took me maybe 10 minutes to fix a problem he'd been struggling with for months. While he was here he had a look at our tumble dryer that had stopped working. Whipped the back off - pointed at the broken drive belt - easy fix he said.

So he now has a working computer and I now have a working drier.

Win-win in my opinion. 10 mins work on my part in exchange for not having to spend $500 worth on a new dryer.

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