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Comment Re:it is actually illegal (Score -1, Troll) 87

This explains the NSA right now:
"We also like bombing brown people! Not because they're terrorists...just because they're brown! Seriously! When did we last bomb white people, when was the last time ANY white people were bombed? Huh? The Germans! And that was simply because they were trying to cut into our action! Dominate the world, BULLSHIT, that's OUR FUCKING JOB! We can't make a decent fucking car, but we can bomb the shit out of your country all right!"

Comment Re:Chinese IP Knockoffs Forgo Branding,Now Bypassi (Score 1) 104

The virtual boy was a concept ahead of it's time with no hope of getting hardware to match up to a good experience. Nice idea, shit execution. Even Oculus rift these days is delayed by waiting for hardware (screens) that can match people's expectations, most notably oled screens with a high enough refresh rate.

But the VB also didn't have 1/10 of the ideas of oculus rift. It was two screen in a set of goggles. It's like comparing a House from the 1650s to one from today. They do the same basic thing and that's it. It's all different from there on down.

Comment Wow a fucking billion dollars aint shit today (Score 5, Insightful) 142

Back when I was a kid the last millenium (80-90s), a billion as a lot of money. It was a domain that only Bill Gates and a handful of other chosen few were allowed to occupy. Now every damn internet start up is getting a billion each at least, often in the double digits.

Shit with absolutely no real world business prospects to justify the price they command. Are we in Internet bubble 2.0?

Comment Re:I have tried (Score 4, Insightful) 306

Many people like things like writing reports where you are making a generalize persuasive argument which will be backed up with meeting and maybe even some time on a golf course; things that generally drive most programmers insane.

Most antisocial programmers I have seen are stuck on bullshit jobs after 40 because they can't take shove their OCD aside but at the same time aren't smart enough to realize "No, I'm not a genius like Carmack who can afford to act 100x as OCD as me without repercussion."

Then they steam and stew while less able programmers get promoted, because they can hob nob with a bunch of managers on the back nine without missing a beat.

Comment Re:Let me know when it gets to production (if ever (Score 4, Insightful) 81

I disagree. This helps EVs in two ways. Once, designers no longer will have to oversize battery packs in anticipation of degradation. (Primarily for series hybrids which will probably come out in combination with the 25 HP wave disk generator....) And as you said, resale value. But resale value is a huge thing, so don't understate it.

Comment Re:Your tax dollars hard at work (Score 5, Interesting) 210

Yeah, and in the last few decades law enforcement agencies on both the state and federal level have grown increasingly dependent on civil forfeiture in their insane drug war. Basically it's a guilty until proven innocent system, and good luck getting it back if the government took all your money to begin with.

This was a country with $500 and $1000 (and more) dollar bills already back in the 1920s.... and now you're suspicious if you carry more than a few hundred dollar bills. Modern hundred dollar bills that I may add have less value than a 1920s Hamilton ($10 bill).

Before anyone says it only happens to drug dealers, I had 2 friends go to CA with their life savings of $15k and a business plan get stopped in OK and the money seized and never seen again. Not an gram of drugs in the car, just some beer in the back. America looks more and more like a communist country every coming decade.

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