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Comment Re: books are on computers now (Score 1) 149

Thanks for your graceful remark, now I'll surely take your advice, being called a fucktard by an anonymous COWARD.
I used the phrase dead tree book, to distinguish between an e-book and/or text on a (lcd) monitor.
Of course I could have simply said 'paper book', but hey, I need to go with the times...

Comment Re:books are on computers now (Score 4, Insightful) 149

You go to a library to look for books.
You go onto the internet to look for .... Oooh shiny thing

A dead tree book beats a text on a monitor, and even e-ink readers. A book you can take with you and doesn't need power (although you do need a light source).
An e-reader is great (use it myself a lot), but for quickly flipping back to a certain bit to check/read it again, a paper book wins hands down.

I found more interesting books/authors by browsing the books on the bookshelves in a library than online.

Comment Two issues here (Score 1) 504

First: If the project was under the the GPL and the libraries are under the GPL, the result must be under the GPL.

Second: Depending on where you live, you might or might not have given over the rights to your employer. You need to take your contract to a lawyer in your country and ask them. As usual, slashdot is _not_ the place to get specific legal advice; we can just blabber about generalities.

Thing is: The GPL does not matter unless you distribute the software to anyone. Before that, the licence does not matter. So you need to check the _second_ point first. When/If you release the software and the libraries are GPL, it's a clear-cut case.

No idea if your employer can go after you for "wrongfully leading them to believe they owned this stuff" though...

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