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Comment Are there alternatives? (Score 3, Informative) 700

Are there alternatives to this tech? I would happily buy from a competitor if one is available and boycott a company who would fuck over consumers like this. Is there even a way to choose or tell the difference between fakes or competitor products?

Where are they used? Who uses them? What alternatives are there?

Comment They have a clever strategy. (Score 1) 644

They want to remake the naming scheme. This one will be called "Windows X" (because it's cool). Next one will promise to be different and they will call it "Windows Y" (because changing things for no reason might work). And the version after that will be the ultimate version. "The Windows Y can't we make a decent OS".

Comment Re:NFC isn't used for just payment (Score 2) 336

You're making the assumption someone wants to send their pictures to a server. Or the transferable file is a pic at all. The thing is. Apple does not have a fully functioning bluetooth, contact sharing or any wireles medium whatsover and it will not have a fully functioning NFC either. This is not new. And I am talking about fully functioning, not some "it has bluetooth cause my 200e apple bluetooth speakers work on it."

Comment Re:Change of circumstances/ (Score 2) 83

AFAIK microsoft did not get any nokia patents with the buyout. As such nokia has left the market and samsung can no longer cross license with nokia, instead have to pay them and have to rethink their spending on frivolous microsoft patents.

In my opinion, keeping patents secret while saying someone is infridging one should be sued for libel or similar. If a company wants royalties from patents, they should say how much and from which patents. For a long time companies just say "they are infridging" and do not specify and are not called out on their bullshit. Top that with tons of obvious patents that should never have been granted. The system is fundamentally broken.

Comment Reason I installed addblock. (Score 5, Interesting) 418

I installed addblock because videos and streams I watched had add volume loudness so loud that it was a real problem. I often watch videos during the night and when the loudness jumps up for the adds it becomes annoying really fast. And that was the only reason.

I don't really mind adds and I know they run the content creators, but just that one small issue was enough for me.

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