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Comment Re:ironically enough... (Score 2, Insightful) 408

... while the assumption has always been "backups are not necessary with gmail" ...

I really want to know who started that stupid idea. You always want multiple off-site backups of anything important, cloud resources such as gmail and google docs count as one of those sources, you still want others. You also want local copies of any data that you absolutely have to have, what if your local ISP is having troubles and you need to access important documents?

There are a hundred things that could go wrong with using any off-site service as your one and only solution from simple outages and lost passwords to having all your eggs in one basket if someone hacks in or uses elevated privileges to do malicious deeds. The idea that any cloud based resource or offsite backup solution is the be-all, end-all solution for secure data storage is stupid and extremely lazy.

Comment Re:Books Are Just Office Trophies (Score 1) 86

I've always thought the books I see in people's offices are just trophies they're showing off stating "I know this language" or "I know that topic". I've actually never seen a co-worker use one of the books either. I agree with some of the other posters, that it's just easier to search Google for something.

I keep books around because sometimes you don't have access to an internet connection and you want to keep working without worrying about being able to look stuff up when you want.

Comment Re:source of Linux market share numbers??? (Score 1) 596

I see my students use the computers in my physics lab, which are half Windows and half Linux boxes, so I can pretty much tell who's never seen Linux before. Now [sic] way is the percentage of Linux users that high.

But by looking at students you are biasing yourself. By their very nature students will be less experienced. I could go to any high-school or college and most Tech students wouldn't have heard of Linux, but if you look at those same students 10 years or so later you'll find they probably currently or used to run a Linux computer either at work or as a hobby. I would also be willing to bet that MS includes the servers in their charts and many IT departments use Linux for at least some of their servers.

Comment Re:Sounds fine to me (Score 2, Interesting) 1246

This isn't exactly true. In some countries, like Japan, the school personnel are not allowed to do any form of punishment that keeps a student from going to class, it is a right that they are expected to have. They also can't be held back a year or otherwise kicked out. This allows many students to goof off and do practically whatever they want. Yet there are many who still strive to learn as much as possible and excel in those classrooms. In reality if a student isn't paying attention if means the teacher is boring for one reason or another, the teach should be trying to engage the students and if there are a scant few who still refuse to pay attention then just let them fail, part of the problems with our educational system is that instead of trying to get everyone to excel and show us their potential we cater to the lowest common denominator who may or may not want to be there in the first place.

Comment Re:Cats ? (Score 1) 1032

better yet, I had a cat that would not only find an escaped hamster but gently carry it to the nearest person so the hamster would get safely back in the cage. The hamsters got really scared but they never were harmed by the cat. after enough escapes they just got used to it.

Comment Re:Three options (Score 1) 1032

In addition: as much as it's great to bring a cat home from the shelter so they can take in another one (especially now, with people abandoning cats when their houses get foreclosed... who would do that?!?), ask yourself why you're getting the cat.

Make sure that you're not just getting the cat to be a roving rattrap. You're going to be responsible for the care of a living being, remember -- regardless of whether the cat is actually a good mouser, it's your responsibility to give it a good home.

Also, just to warn you, Siamese cats are very loud and whiny. We just got one, and she's very needy, and talks your ear off if she wants something. Look at some Youtube videos of Siamese cats. I have no idea how a mix would be, but I just wanted to warn you...

Not all Siamese cats are like that.

In general cats only make noise because most humans can't (or don't bother trying to) pick up their body language and notice that humans communicate with noise. I've had 7 cats (one of which was full Siamese) and none of them cry out unless you ignore them for a long time (and even then, most of ours would come up to you and paw, nip, nudge, or otherwise get your attention physically before they start to make noise.).

As to whether they inherit the cry, in my experience they do, all of my Siamese mixes inherited the annoying cry of the Siamese but as I said, none of my cats cry unless you give them a good reason to.

Otherwise, I agree with Chabo, though I'll add that you also need to worry about companionship for your cat, some do fine, but most need one other feline in the area to keep them company. Gender doesn't matter, they just need someone to play with when the humans aren't interested and that they can understand easily. Imagine if you lived by yourself and only saw your pets for most of your life, most people couldn't handle that and the same is true about most domesticated animals.

Comment Re:Put Your Documents & Code on SourceForge (Score 2, Informative) 163

just to make a clarification: putting something under the GPL is not the same thing as releasing it as public domain. the GPL and other licenses like it (such as Creative Commons) still protect the works under copyright and allow the owner of the copyright to pursue people who violate the restrictions placed on the use of it. releasing something under the public domain relinquishes all control of the IP and lets people start selling, modifying, and doing whatever they want willy-nilly without any stipulation that they need to release the work as open source or keep it free (whether as in beer or freedom) or anything else.

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