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Comment Re:Why did they not roll this out anyway? (Score 1) 414


Extrapolated a bit to get to 120 million, but if it's not there, it's close. Yes, Win7 has been a bigger hit on the marketplace, but 110 million is not a small number by any means.

So yes, hyperbole on your part is an accurate description.

Comment Re:Why did they not roll this out anyway? (Score 1) 414

Should point out that Win8 has over 120 million active users. Not saying that every one of those people love the tile interface, but it's not exactly the bomb you think it is.

Also, as rolfwind pointed out, many mobile devices are reaching PC levels of resolution. Obviously the bitdepth is quite a bit higher, and you can't expect UI elements that work on the desktop to work on mobile (and vice versa), but actual screen resolution is reaching parity, and is certainly not "several orders of magnitude" different.

Finally, I think you will in fact find that convergence will occur, simply due to convenience and economics. I see no reason why an 8 inch device or higher can't use a desktop OS, a la Win8 tablets. Smaller devices like phones are perhaps a different story, but Windows Phone 8 is already using the WinNT kernel, with it's own UI on top. It can work; there will be growing pains, but it does make sense eventually.

Might want to lay off that hyperbole sauce.

Comment Re:Sour grapes (Score 1) 473

And here I was under the impression that everything in science was always up for grabs. This is just the mag trying to silence dissent. I happen to agree with evolution but I have no problem debating it with people who do not. Nor do I believe evolution is settled science, we continue to learn a great deal and there is always a possibility of some groundbreaking new development to come along and rock the whole foundation.

THERE IS SO MUCH MORE EVIDENCE THAT SHOWS EVOLUTION TO BE LIKELY THAN THE OPPOSITE!! It really is not worth the time to debate this subject, but people like you mistakenly think it is. If people would stop believing bullshit, and move on to focus on solutions to problems, the world would absolutely be a better place.

The problem is, comments give voice to people who lack the experience in a field to truly opine on a subject, and help sway people to wrong conclusions. So many people, as the article points out, mistakenly think that things like evolution and human-caused climate change aren't real, even though there are reams of evidence and hundreds of highly-experienced scientists that have shown otherwise. For a publication like Popular Science, it really is more important to be right, than to give a voice to dissenters who argue what they think is real, rather than what the data and models show to actually be most likely. It's sad, but Popular Science is doing the right thing here. Let this be a lesson to all the mistaken and misinformed blowhards out there--your ignorance is hurting more than just yourself.

Comment Re:Now.. (Score 1) 321

You had me until "drop the price by half". Power is not cheap. The Surface Pro has an SSD, nice 1080p screen, digitizer pen input, i5 processor, very nice hardware ... just not going to find those for less than $700-800, even in a standard laptop. Yet you want it to cost the same an iPad?

If you need a new laptop, and want a tablet, then the Surface Pro absolutely makes sense. If you already have a consumption tablet, and a decent laptop/desktop, it will probably be too expensive.

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