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Submission + - Citigroup plans thumbprint ATMs for India's poor

Brad Lucier writes: "The Financial Times (through MSN Money) reports that "Citigroup is rolling out a network of biometric automatic cash machines aimed at illiterate Indian slum dwellers. ... The machines will recognise account holders' thumbprints, eliminating the need for a personal identification number, and will have colour-coded screen instructions and voiceovers to help guide them through transactions." Citigroup recognizes that it can make money bringing banking to more people; from the article:
"Though India's population exceeds 1bn, Citigroup estimates that there are only about 300m bank accounts in the country. ... "It's not a philanthropic exercise," [PS Jayakumar, a Citigroup business manager in India] said. "For it to be sustainable, we should break even and make a little bit of money."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - How to handle code developed in spare time

GyrosGeier writes: "Over the years, I've been working on some toy projects that are theoretically GPLed, but in practice noone cares about them, so I still own all the rights to the code. There are some interesting bits in there though, when I split out some functionality into a helper class or function, and I reuse these bits frequently because they make my life a lot easier. However, as I wrote them on my spare time, I don't feel that I would be justly compensated if I just dropped them into a project at my workplace; at the same time I don't see any point in rewriting the code just for the sake of it.

Charging half of the time spent actually writing the code is not a real solution, as it leaves the code with a pretty questionable legal status. Now, what would be a good solution for everybody?"

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