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Comment A Brail Tablet? A computer for the Blind?... (Score 1) 48

Bumps and dots used in pattern, in real time changing. A blind person keeps their finger in one spot and brail lettering changes under their fingertip. with the user changing the speed to match their comfort in reading speed.. A computer with a display, designed by the blind, for the blind, Computers and the internet could become less restrictive Cars that change paint color? Counter tops that change where bacteria have been detected to unhealthful levels? A mars rover with the capability to changes solar panel surface shape to direct dust particles off the solar panels? The possibilities are endless...

Comment Americans Cannot Own Moonrocks - Remove this law (Score 2) 299

Before any corporation would attempt Mars, the logical stepping stone is the Moon. Any products returned to earth derived from the moon would fall under this law. Helium 3 would fall under this. Moon Bases would complicate ownership. Who is going to verify land ownership for these Corporations if we cant even own a simple Moon Rock?

Comment Reality vs a glass Facade (Score 1) 134

I found it actually quite very easy to resist social media despite the article mumbo-jumbo "magical" statistics easiest example... When my grandmother died, I posted the news on facebook. One would think that their would of been remorseful replies but instead all I got was a free cow, and no replies. All my former classmates, family, and so callled "facebook Friends" didn't reply at all. I later cancelled my account. Social media lacks the REAL personal influence. It is merely a glass surface many do not see past the surface or how frail it can be when arduous times arise.

Comment Indoctrination (Score 1) 248

Easy way to appease the populace into upcoming practices is make it an event, so that if it happens, they have already become apathetic about it if &when the real event occurs... Would you blame any country if an opposing countries media shows its cities pummeled? Why have militaries become so interested in video games? Therin lies your answer.

Comment Re:How about... (Score 0) 240

That ... That... That would go against the "FREE TRADE" agreements being made by BOTH political parties since the 1990's In addition to China entering the World Trade Organization in December 2001 with the help of the US and other big countries. A tariff should be employed for developing industries, like the sugar industry in the 1980's that got us all the High Fructose Corn Syrup as a bypass of the sugar tariff (among burgeoning as a result). I like the idea but if one imposes an artificial barrier, the natural course is to redirect around it as how we got Cory Syrup in everything that was used to be sugar. Lets Say we impose a tariff so as our solar industry won't be tanking by overly-cheap-pollution-laws-by-the-wayside Chinese Solar Panels. Tit for Tat will ensue so our "Global Economy" will just be the US and a couple countries while China corners everywhere else our tariff's don't reach. The only way to compete on China with exports is for us to come down to their level meaning 3rd world poverty for most of our population. In the short term some protection from congress for the alternative fuels industries from outside pressure is in order. But looking at History since the 1990's no way would congress pony up to do this as it gets in the way of Free Trade and now China can bring their complaints about the US the WTO.

Comment Similar Story Here (Score 0) 757

My late Great Uncle William M. Harrison was a Chemist/Geologist in Oil Recovery who worked on Oil recovery Patents 45 years. Most of the current worlds oil is recovered with methods he developed. His most famous patent was His "Oil-eating Bacteria" in which he altered the DNA of. For His work in his lab to develop a method to recover 90% of heavy crude fields, he required raw unprocessed oil. As regulations against Benzene were enforced companies could no longer provide oil samples for him to use. He tried to meet regulations but as his lab was in the back yard, he could get approval. We eventually worked around this as natural "Oil Seeps" are plentiful in the area. But as the regulators didn't care he worked on the Manhattan Project as the discoverer of Plutonium's toxicity to life, developed Venezuela's oil fields, member of the American Chemists Society for 60 years, and an expert in the dangers of the chemicals of unrefined oil didn't matter to them as "Benzene was a cancer causing chemical" 't If he wasn't delayed by the regulators and the fears companies had of the regulators, he could have lived long enough to finis the patent filing process thgetting his last patent approved he worked 17 years towards. Yet another example of regulators intentions stifling innovation...

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