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Submission + - Amazon uses DMCA to restrict ebook puchases (

InlawBiker writes: "Today, Amazon invoked the DMCA to force removal of a python script and instructions from the mobileread web site. The script is used to identify the Kindle's internal ID number, which can be used to enable non-Amazon purchased books to work on the Kindle. "...this week we received a DMCA take-down notice from Amazon requesting the removal of the tool and instructions for it. Although we never hosted this tool (contrary to their claim), nor believe that this tool is used to remove technological measures (contrary to their claim), we decided, due to the vagueness of the DMCA law and our intention to remain in good relation with Amazon, to voluntarily follow their request and remove links and detailed instructions related to it." Ironically, the purpose of the script is to make the Kindle more useful to its users."
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Submission + - Lenovo Releases SLED 10 Linux T61, R61 ThinkPads (

InlawBiker writes: "Another hardware vendor offers Linux on their machines. Dell's Ubuntu offering to the general public was big news, but this news is more intriguing. What's interesting about this is it's aimed at "large enterprise customers." One might surmise that corporate customers have been asking for it, and now Lenovo is delivering."

Submission + - "Unswirled" Pedophile Suspect Is Held in T (

InlawBiker writes: In a follow-up to the earlier article "Interpol Unscrambles Doctored Photo In Manhunt", the New York Times is reporting that the man with the swirled face has been identified and caught. He is being held in Bangkok Thailand. The story on Interpol showing the unswirled photo was also featured on 60 Minutes.

"Canadian pedophile suspect Christopher Neil, focus of a global hunt that ended in rural Thailand on Friday, will be charged with molesting underage children after being tracked down through his boyfriend's phone."
Here is the story at

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