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Comment Re:Blashphemy ! (Score 1) 379

All of the numbers have one (1) significant digit. It's amazing God got it right thousands of years before science was invented. Go figure.

I assume your comment was intentionally ironic. But just in case...

"God" didn't get it right. If we take the link's interpretation of numerology as read (which is a big stretch), then a person corrected the original text. If you assume that the original text was inspired by a god, then that god got it wrong and was corrected by a human, who was more precise than the god had chosen to be.

Moreover, whoever wrote the original text (which needed correction) was using paper (a product of science), ink (a product of science), and talking about construction (a product of science).

Modern Science was invented when they started disallowing explanations such as "the pixies did it" or "Yahweh did it" because they are unsatisfactory. Science, however, has been around as long as humans were capable of reasoned thought - but it wasn't always called that, and was much more frequently wrong.

Other than that, you're bang on, I think: whoever wrote the initial text probably used round numbers because they were simpler, and unless you were an architect yourself, you wouldn't care much about those decimal places. The bible was written for a lay audience, after all. Round numbers are good enough.

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