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Comment Re:When will the other Steve get bounced? (Score 1) 417

[...] They don't care what you think -- they don't have to. If you buy a computer they get your money.

Well lucky for me that I use a MAC or LINUX box to VPN/RDC into M$ boxes to get this work done. Navigating around in their desktops is hardly less frustrating than using their Apps. They are so focused on the WYSIWYG aspects of everything they are losing the forest for the trees, creating a constantly bloating mess of output. Ever look at an MSXML data interchange spec? It's not even standard XML, elements are positionally relevant! I could go on for days in 10,000 different directions on this. What I do know is that I feel that I'm losing IQ points every time I interface with an MS$ product.. and I really didn't have that many to begin with.

Comment Re:Official confirmation... (Score 1) 417

I'm not being sarcastic. I keep reading that term. What does it mean. What is "vertical integration"? Thanks.

No kidding. Can someone explain it, clearly, without using a pile of marketing terms (meaning b*llsh*t)? I do love all the great marketing BS terms that get invented and tossed around, but eventually it comes down to the term meaning virtually nothing to most of us, so.. give us the secret handshake and please explain what horizontal integration, vertical integration and obtuse integration mean, PLEASE.

Comment When will the other Steve get bounced? (Score 4, Insightful) 417

As an MS SQL developer, I thought I'd already seen the height of IDE inanity, but with Win8 they managed to make it ever worse, requiring even more clicks to perform even the most basic tasks, and frustrate users who simply want to 'get back' to where they started. It's good they fired the guy, Win8 may be different than Win7 (which does not totally suck, but it's still heavily MS'd), but I don't see it as an improvement, or an innovation, just... different. They way I see it, MS will continue down this point-click-click-click-click paradigm, forever making things more difficult and frustrating to do. They should be trying to SIMPLIFY their interface and experience, not 'Techify' it with junk that only makes the user work harder to do the same work. It's a wonder they don't get that.

Comment Re:TLD Squatters? (Score 1) 116

Briefly scanning, it sure looked like a some gTLD squatting. Especially with company names like "Dot App LLC" and "Dot Auto LLC". Maybe this is a blessing in disguise, it could really light a fire in the tech sector... (snerk).

It's times like these that make me long for the days of Cobol and punch cards....

Comment Insanity. (Score 1) 116

This is not going to start, nor end well. ICANN is an entity that can hardly manage it's former charter, much less this new and terrible word it's hell bent to inflict upon us.

As a Capitalist, I find some measure of merit in this initiative. As a human being, I'm horrified and not just a little nauseated at the overt greed and thinly veiled extortion of existing brand holders.

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