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Submission + - Buy your own Fab@Home, fully assembled (

Infinityis writes: "If you want a Fab@Home but do not want to build it from scratch, you can now buy one fully assembled. Automated Creation Technologies is a startup company that provides open source tools and services related to 3D production technologies. They will have a booth at the upcoming Maker Faire in Austin, TX this weekend, so you can stop by, check it out, and take a 3D printer home with you that day!"
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Melt a server's hit counter via Slashdot Effect

Infinityis writes: We talk all the time about melting servers with the Slashdot Effect, but this one has potential to actually do it. It's a mechanical hit counter for a webpage. If it gets spinning fast enough, it could theoretically generate enough friction to melt. Unfortunately, the fastest this one increments is 20 hits/minute), so we might have to wait for version 2.0 before burnination begins...

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