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Comment I tried their subscription model... (Score 1) 111

I wanted premium service, access to their entire catalog, and most importantly - NO ADS. They failed to deliver that experience, and I cancelled the same day. I still use Netflix, but if they ever start showing ads, I'll kick them to the curb just as quickly. I hardly watch anything anymore...saving $10 a month would probably be better for me anyway.

Comment Re:Suicide by politician (Score 0) 1010

You've never explored a rabbit hole, have you? I mean, I haven't either, but I still feel like it's an apt comparison. There's more than one burrow here... It's true that he wasn't specifically testifying against Clinton; however, he WAS set to begin a trial in which he testified in his own defense on actions that are connected to organizations with ties to Clinton. It's all a muddy mess, and he's already dead so that information is lost and doesn't matter anymore...but there's much more to the story than surface appearances. Spiral'll eventually find the answers.

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