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Submission + - Almost 1/2 U.S. Internet users 'Google' themselves (

butterwise writes: "Do you really want to know that much (or that little) about yourself?

As users post more information about themselves on social networking sites and elsewhere, they are also conducting more online searches about themselves, according to a new study. Almost half of all U.S. Internet users (47%) have searched for information about themselves online, up from 22% in 2002, according to a report released yesterday by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.
Sometimes too much information is a bad thing..."


Submission + - UK govt lost 3m driver records in the US 1

Cally writes: Only months after the UK government admitted that the Revenue and Customs had lost personal data on 25 million people on unencrypted CDs, the transport secretary is about to announce the the DVLA — Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority — has lost records relating to three million applicants for Provisional Driving Licenses. (These are the 'learner licenses' used before passing the test.) The unasked question is, how often has this happened, but gone unreported, in the past? It doesn't seem very credible that the civil service have suddenly forgotten data security procedures in the last few months.
Data Storage

Submission + - Fujitsu develops high-speed, power-efficient ReRAM

An anonymous reader writes: The hard working researchers at Japanese storage giant Fujitsu have developed a new kind of memory that promises better speed and power efficiency. A product of Fujitsu Labs, the resistive RAM(ReRAM) is a type of non-volatile memory which combines low power consumption with limited fluctuation of resistance value. ReRAM is a type of memory that uses material for which the resistance value changes when voltage is applied. ReRAM is amenable to miniaturization and can be manufactured inexpensively, making it attractive as an alternative to flash memory.

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