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Submission + - Battle Royale in EVE Online between devs and playe (eve-radio.com)

Infamous Tim writes: Today, CCP Games, publisher of the popular space MMORPG EVE Online held a live combat event between the devs and players. The developers formed up an 80-man fleet and headed into low security space, where the players met and engaged them. The battle raged for 45 minutes before the CCP fleet succumbed to the combined might of hundreds of players from all over the EVE Universe. EVE-Radio has live coverage of the event, along with a live video feed.

Comment Re:You mean companies want to make profits? (Score 1) 315

EVE has locked out new players essentially because it takes too long to get your skills up.

I hear this quoted often by people without the patience to give EVE a try. It's flat wrong and demonstrates your ignorance of how EVE is implemented. You don't need five years to succeed in your chosen profession; heck, you don't even need 6 months. The largest part of being successful is gaining experience through playtime and having a certain amount of fearlessness. I wager that this is true of most every MMORPG. Past a certain point, your training just adds versatility anyhow.

Comment Re:I don't buy it. (Score 2, Insightful) 215

I think you don't understand how large businesses operate. They minimize risk whenever possible, sometimes even at the expense of profits. Running servers without some kind of safety net (read as: someone outside the company to blame) is a huge risk. Even if they have talented admin(s) on their staff, employees get sick, quit, or just don't feel like fixing some things. This is how large business operates. It's amazing they make any profit at all.

Comment Re:It's 2009 (Score 1) 312

For anyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, there is an Adobe Flex interest and advocacy group that meets at my university (the University of Texas @ Dallas). Their website is http://www.d-flex.org/, and they meet every month on Thursdays.

I heard the leader of the organization speak at a UUG recently, and it seems like a really neat tool. You'll have to forgive me for promoting it over Silverlight. I'm always suspicious of Microsoft's long-term intentions, as their history has born out time and time again how malicious they are. I just don't trust them.

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