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Comment Re:Bullshit. (Score 2) 140

Considering I wrote the CAN interface for an OEM; Yes, Anything can talk to anything else... BUT...
    That's why there's an interface which will only allow you to send data you're meant to send.

  They also point out two vehicles with the SAME available lineup of head units and identical CAN architecture, then claim they're both the most and least secure vehicles.

  Will one of my interfaces ever talk to a brake module? No, Not without a nasty firmware hack. So no, your radio won't be talking to your brakes, or engine. Sorry.

Comment OEM (Score 3, Interesting) 140

I work at an OEM... I know for a fact The Dodge Viper and the Jeep Cherokee share the same line-up of head units and the CAN architecture is identical.

  How are they both the most and least secure?

  (Also, the Radio can't talk to the brakes, as much as they'd like you to think - I'd know, because I wrote the code for the interface that talks on the CAN network.)

Comment HUH? (Score 1, Interesting) 891

I live in Ontario Canada. Gas here is anywhere between $4.30-4.75 a US GALLON, in CANADIAN DOLLARS (worth less than US Dollars).
Meanwhile, when I'm in the USA, I can get gas for anywhere in the $3.xx a gallon range.
It physically hurts to see people line up here for $4.10/US GAL gasoline. It hasn't increased public transit usage - after all, this IS North America, not Europe.

Raising prices (via tax) to give to the people (politicians) who can't spend the money properly is a BAD IDEA anyway.
It's like giving drugs to a drug addict. They'll just abuse it.

  Why don't you give incentives to the private sector -- Tax breaks on new cars where MPG meets a certain requirement? Gas guzzling cars would soon be off the market entirely as car makers would opt to make more efficient cars, as a profit margin on them would be greater due to lower taxes.


Submission + - What if the economic unit of account was the watt? 2

Anonymous Coward writes: "I am no economist but if certain individuals are to be believed fiat currency is a bag of lies. With energy seeming to be the driving force behind our economy, something we'll always need in some form or another, would it make sense to move to a monetary system in which each dollar represents a fixed amount of energy? Would such monetary policy push us toward reliable and renewable energy sources... would everyone buy solar panels in some futuristic version of a gold rush? I'm just curious to see what Slashdot readers, especially those with an economic background, have to say."

Submission + - Beer Bubbles and Mathematics

An anonymous reader writes: Ever look into a glass a beer and wonder if it held the secret to some profound question? Mathematicians have unraveled a mystery involving those beautiful bubbles that float in the amber nectar which may help metallurgist. Check out: tories/2007/05/29/sci_beerfoam.ART_ART_05-29-07_B5 _F76R11Q.html

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