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Comment Re:Thinking way too hard (Score 1) 122

At BlizzCon every year, Blizzard puts on a SC2 tournament, a WC3 tournament, and a WoW arena tournament. The SC2 tournament is well attended most of the convention, and packed for the big matches (as in, you're not getting close to a chair unless you've been camping one all day). The WC3 tournament would be fairly sparsely attended if it weren't in the same place as the SC2 tournament, so people will be camping out there and either lamenting how boring WC3 is to watch or getting someone to hold their seats so they can go get some food. The WoW arena tournament is... not well attended; there were chairs available for the final (which last year went past the "closing ceremony" so there was literally nothing else going on).

There really is something about a game that makes it more or less watchable. WoW arenas are not all that fun to watch because there's a high density of important things happening at the same time, so it's difficult to understand as a spectator, and unless you're already a fairly high-level player you have no idea what those things are, so that locks out most of your potential spectators. On the other hand, a bronze-level player can understand what's going on in a pro-level SC2 match, even if the pro is chugging along at 200 APM.

Comment Re:No mention of flying? (Score 1) 431

Yeah, Blizzard doesn't really do innovation. They take other games' features and add polish. It actually ends up working, because most of the "more creative games" have large gaps somewhere, and if you mash all of them together into one less creative game, you end up with more people playing it than the total of its component parts.

Specifically, the flying thing took so long because they didn't originally design the zones for flying (which CoH did). In the current world there are large stretches of flat textures, perspective tricks (the cathedral in Stormwind), false walls, and so forth. It took them until an expansion that rebuilt most of the old world for them to be able to correct that.

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Adblock: Adapt or Die ( writes: "An editorial from Network Performance Daily on the current controversy over Adblock. FTA:

"It is true that Adblock blocks ads — and therefore, revenue. It is also true that it's a piece of software that runs on the client's computer — and the only person that should decide what software runs on the computer should be the owner of the computer.... Capitalism makes no guarantees whether your business model will succeed from one day to the next. Adapt or die.... The current business model of annoying the person you want to buy your product is failing."


Submission + - Does the Wii Threaten Hardcore Gamers? (

Incoherent07 writes: In a Newsweek blog entry, Tyler Bleszinski, brother of Gears of War developer Cliff "CliffyB" Bleszinski, explains why the Wii's success worries him: "I sincerely believe that bringing new people to video games is a good thing. I like seeing the business continue to grow and be even more successful, because I'm old enough to remember the videogame industry crash between the Atari 5200 and the Nintendo Entertainment System. But ultimately, going more mainstream can have unintended consequences — ones that could negatively impact the breadth and depth of the kinds of games that I love, as do millions of others."

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