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Comment Re:All high-end PCs should have this. (Score 1) 99

ThinkPad professional series users (T and P series) are paying a lot of money for their machines compared to the $300 consumer junk at the low end of the line.

I bought one of those €300 machines for my son. Totally worth it: het dropped it on the floor within a month, and the charging cable bent the chassis. Thing wouldn't close anymore. But after unscrewing a lot of screws, and a small plier job, I managed to get everything working again! Even their consumer junk is built quite well I must say.

Best thing that happened to that machine was a failure of the Windows partition. I had to re-install Windows from scratch on a fresh formatted disk, and that left no trace of the Lenovo bloatware. Machine seems to be running 100% OK (but still as fast as molasses) on the vanilla Windows drivers.

Comment Re:Nothing new (Score 2) 331

Form over function has always been a danger; and failure to test your output on a reasonable simulation of what people will actually view it on has always been a mistake; but the contrast is particularly glaring when the gulf between the sort of screens that 'content creators' tend to use and the average quality of screens site visitors are using is so enormous. It has always been there; but it has not always been so wide.

It's not the screen quality where the gap is - it is the eye quality. Designers tend to be young, between 20 and 30, and design for their peers. They have no idea that eyesight deteriorates that fast with age, they just can't image.

Add to that the principle that we tend to find things prettier when their outline is less defined (which happens when you reduce the contrast) and you have recipe for disaster. Designer lowers contrast up till the point where he can still read it, but barely. Everyone with worse eyesight, which is everyone 10 or more years older, can't read the text anymore.

Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 1) 394

So then, your entertainment systems don't do bluetooth, which is another tech that fanboys like to crow about. That's very interesting. Just how OLD are these cars and their entertainment systems anyways?

Seriously, it's not 2003 any more.

I bought my primary set of headphones in 2002 for a considerable price. No chance in hell I'm going to chance it because of an ephemeral phone.

Comment Re:Time and time and time again.. (Score 1) 115

If people want that DRM-free model to succeed, I would recommend buying your games from such non-DRMed outlets, rather than DRMed ones like Steam. I've seen some games release on both GOG and Steam simultaneously, and the Steam version with DRM outsold the GOG version without DRM by 5:1 or more! That is sending the message that people prefer DRM.

If you want companies to release more DRM-free stuff, you need to reward the ones who do, and punish the ones who don't.

And slightly off-topic, the same goes for music. If you want ownership, buy ownership and not a subscription. Music sellers Bandcamp posted a nice item on their blog on the music industry's confusion over the difference between streaming and subscription based services. Bandcamp grew 35% last year - DRM-free music ownership is alive and kicking.

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