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Comment Re:I dont' see it this way (Score 1) 385

Actually the G1 had full compass capabilities on release. The iPhone didn't get that till the 3GS, which released a few months later. I know that one's really a technicality. And back before that, the old HTC Tilt had full GPS capabilities long before the 3G was released. Lets not forget MMS support, though the blame for that goes solely on AT&T of course. I do like the iPhone hardware, and Android is not without its faults, but there's plenty that Apple is not first in.

Comment Re:Coming to Cydia (Score 1) 541

I generally agree with your hardware requirements. I don't have much need for an audio jack but thats what bluetooth headphones or a bluetooth head unit for my car are for. There is also the USB to 3.5mm dongle available for most HTC phones that can provide that functionality. The added bonus on the G1 of the trackball, front buttons, camera and 3 axis compass is also nice, particularly for stargazing. The HTC Tilt I had for two years ran great, if a little slow on WinMo at times, mostly due to mentioned video driver issues. Otherwise it was a solid unkillable phone. Four months in and I continue to be sold on my G1.

Comment Re:Alternatives (Score 1) 283

Aww look! I got a troll! So cute. =D

The app store on the G1 is smaller, but I've found everything I need to actually use my phone, rather than just eye candy. The stability has been top notch, and I know this is regionally based, but the signal quality for me blows AT&T away.

I could jailbreak the G1 but I haven't found a need yet. I haven't tested yet, but from my understanding the app store works just fine on rooted phones. Oh and I can upgrade the storage or battery, or carry multiple batteries if I really wanted.

Don't get me wrong, I like the iPhone, but the G1 fits my needs. I just don't have a use for 9980 "Wooo" buttons.

Submission + - Daily Show writers find Youtube; speak on Strike

Inakizombie writes: The writers from the Daily Show have turned to Youtube to give their perspective on the writers' strike in the best way they know how, humorously. From the post "What do the writers of the Daily Show think of the ongoing writers' strike? If only there were some way to find out like, I don't know... clicking on the image(Youtube) to your left. It's so crazy, it might just work!"

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