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Comment Just do what a human driver would do... (Score 1) 364

Decrease speed as significantly as possible to minimize injury/death to the pedestrians and take whatever standard evasive action possible before the collision happens. If hitting the pedestrian is unavoidable (like, because they ran out in front of the car) then tough beans. In any case automated systems have vastly better (nearly instant) reaction time compared to a human driver so the stopping distance is really only limited by the mechanical capabilities of the brakes. In this super-contrived example with a human driver you would probably have 5 dead and 3 critically injured from a human driver vs. say 2 dead and 2 critically injured from a self-driving car just due to differences in impact speed from reaction time decreasing. It's a non-issue. Most people don't have the moral awareness to drive themselves into a tree to preserve "more lives" when faced with a snap judgement call. We shouldn't expect it of our AI's either.

Comment So...Like a Black Box? (Score 1) 343

Congratulations, you just reinvented a shittier version of a black box. But I'm sure your idea is way more viable than military grade hardware gone through many iterations over decades to produce one of the most durable recording devices known to man. If we can't locate a black box with a freakin' transponder signal blasting out of it, what makes you think we're going to be able to locate your little LED light orange styrofoam ball?

Comment Re:PGP signature (Score 1) 152

If you're not sure if you can trust the checksum, then how can you be sure you can trust that the presented public key is the legit one for the organization? Presumably you can get a trusted checksum from the publisher (like for Microsoft ISO's) and then verify the checksum matches the download you got from a somewhat sketchy source (like if you use a Torrent to download an OS ISO because your disc was damaged).

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